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In the Chinese tradition, the Lunar new year is epitomised by an animal, element and colour. Last year was the year of the black water Tiger, which was all about activating change, highlighting injustices, and breaking down barriers and because Tiger is who he is, he doesn’t tred lightly. He powers through. Black Water Tiger’s good long year was of constant, sometimes shocking but necessary change.  The colour black in this context represents everthing that is hidden and together with the tiger – constant power struggles.


The water Tiger energy also brought the water element in with explosive force and power.  Many major storms and devastating floods happened world wide during this time.




How interesting that here is South Africa, we had a Tiger escape its enclose and go on a bit of a rampage, just at the end of the Tiger’s year.  Firstly, this tiger was kept as a pet.  Seriously???  You cannot expect a tiger to be submissive and keep it caged.  Maybe she was looking to take back her power and force people to see the injustice in which she lived her whole life.  Could this be a metaphor for our lives too?  How many injustices especially with power – were you aware of last year.  How much frustration and anger did that bring up in you?  Was there anything you could do about it?


And what was done about the Tiger?  The proud beautiful being was shot….  My heart broke into a million pieces when I heard this.  And last night I thought there was gunfire in my area too, until I realised it was fireworks bringing in the new lunar year of the Rabbit.  An explosive ending to an uncomfortable year.



Soft pawed Rabbit now hops in to counterbalance the outrageous Year of the Tiger that 2022 was, as a restful antidote. It’s time for Black Rabbit’s balancing sweet and happy fluffiness. Black Water Rabbit’s time of tranquility is just what we need—a time to contemplate, adjust our creative endeavors and enjoy ourselves along the way.


Having 2 years of the water element indicates that the previous year, linked to the Tiger brought in the water energy in its strongest most potent form.  This year invites balance in a much quieter softer manner.  Even the rainfall will be more gentle this year.  The colour black this year represents the other side of the coin, with the soft feminine Yin energy.

This, together with the water element is all about emotions, so be aware that hidden emotions that have been supressed or ignored may be brought to the surface to be acknowledged and released.  Be kind to yourself, allowing the tears to flow will be cathartic if done with the intention of a final release from the past.  Water is all about letting go and going with the flow.  Imagine stepping into the river and floating, allowing the healing energies of water to carry and cleanse you rather than controlling or suppressing your emotions which will be like struggling to swim upstream.


Please remember that you are not alone, we have a team of amazing therapists waiting to support you if things feel overwhelming.  My divine oils are also deeply supportive – so check those out and see which colour would like to help you through this.


2023 will be a more restful time for contemplating our values and focussing on our goals in life. .  It provides fertile timing to hone our skills, so apply yourself so that you can invite the abundance you so richly deserve.

This year is the best time to work on trusting your perception and intuition, and finding the inner and outer peace you have been yearning for.


This year has the potential to be really important on the political front as diplomacy, good negotiation skills and new more creative leaders step up to the plate. Opposition parties may at least begin to talk this year,  Leaders should know that Black Water Rabbit’s energy is no friend to indiscretion.


Rabbit won’t undo all of Tiger’s work in shaking things up to create change. Rabbit modifies and refines, smoothes and repairs where necessary which ends up making a lot of Tiger’s collateral damage acceptable, if not, welcome.

For the sincere of heart, Rabbit, represents good fortune both materially and in relationships. (Remember the rabbit’s foot people used to carry in their pockets for good luck?) Rabbit may not be the most robust animal, but its charm and speed are the qualities that attract money, fertility, lovers and success. These gifts are even more acutely present when Rabbit is combined with the Water element.


Rabbit prefers quality over quantity and views home as sanctuary so his energy may influence many this year to choose natural, classic, youthful and often upcycled fashion for home and clothing. Creatives like interior decorators, gardeners and upholsterers just may have an incredibly busy year.


The key is not to be a nervous scared bunny or you might shoo Black Water Rabbit’s good fortune away. Instead, as master crafter of your life, remember that you choose how you’ll respond to this Rabbit year. Don’t leave it all up to Rabbit but instead remember that it’s the choices you make that will determine your 2023.

Linda Dearsley advises everyone:

“Play it clever and you can charm shy Rabbit into snuggling close all year, showering you with bunny blessings. Get it wrong, and Rabbit will turn timid and hop away, taking all the goodies with him.”

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