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There has been a lot of information out there on the massive changes that are coming this month.  Time to truly release the old paradigm and step into a new reality.  This all sound so very exciting, and will however mean that we are doing a reset in order to hold the higher vibration. 


Our DNA, cells, and codings in the body had all been aligned to fit into a 3rd dimensional reality.  This helped us fit in with others and the planet.  We even slowed down our thinking and way of being in order to harmonise with what we thought was our reality… or did we?  

Some people began their change  slowly and gently from the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  A time of awakening to our spiritual selves, and our purpose on the planet.  This was certainly true for me, and my massive change in circumstances was the catalyst for this.  When we go through traumatic times, this often opens a door through our need to heal ourselves.  Looking back – it was the best blessing and I am so grateful for the choices made at the time, even though it felt as if my heart shattered.  

And now we are on the brink of another huge opportunity for change.  And when we agree to this, we have to go through the shattering of the old in order to invite the new.  Our very being is in the process of dissolving before it can resurect, reset and re-align to a higher dimensional aspect.


All you have to do is ask and be willing to receive, and then let go and let the body direct you.  For me it has been 2 weeks of extreme exhaustion, an inability to focus, a need for deep rest, and yet not able to sleep.  Oh my – did I really ask for a reset…. what was I thinking? 

My phone was stolen, and as our entire lives are now on our devices, I thought this was going to be an easier way to reset (and maybe it was) – or perhaps it was just an outer manifestation of what was happening to my inner being.  I dont look for answers but oh how I would love a little guidance from my higher self, as I feel so disconnected in that way too.

How are you feeling during this time?  Your experiences may be very different to mine, but in the end we are all going through this together and can only be there to support each other.


Thank goodness for my oils.  They have been an amazing support and I use them all day every day.  The Red Light Matrix oil gives me the energy I need to get through treatments with clients.  The Olive Light Matrix is still my go to oil (and I have been using this one daily for 2 years now) – I just love the smell and the way it supports my connection to the earth while boosting my immune system. 

The clients I have are all going through their own changes and are welcoming the oils and sprays into their lives and bodies.  I have recently received so many wonderful confirmations of the support they bring as people are becoming more sensitive to them energetically.  I am so grateful for each interaction and confirmation.If you are not aware of the changes predicted during this month – then here is some insight from my very dear friend Elizabeth: 

MAJOR PLANETARY INFLUENCES by Elizabeth Bardin – Sacred Earth and Storm School


The good news for 2023 has been that there are no more challanging contacts between our outer planets.  Unlike the last 3 years when we had the intense challanges of the PLUTO/SATURN conjunction and the volatile and de-stabalising energy of the SATURN/URANUS square.

We are now going beyond all glass ceilings, as the planet PLUTO will going into the sign of AQUARIUS 


Pluto, our slowest moving planet, changed signs on 23 March and for the first time in 248 years is now in the sign of Aquarius.  And it will remain there for about 20 years until 2044.


Pluto represents regeneration and that implies something dying and something new emerging in its place. Endings and beginnings.

Death is only a way to be born again. It is part of the everlasting Circle of Life.

And so this shift brings the opportunity to profoundly transform the way we – and also society, function.

What we have been used to will change profoundly.

It is a necessity, it has to do with survival.

Pluto is coming to show us the need to destroy a certain way of doing things. Of how we have been living as human beings.

In order to begin a new life, a new way of living our authentic lives.

Because the change this huge planetary influence brings, is irresistible. For example, the change of Pluto into the previous sign of Capricorn started in 2008 when the huge financial crises came. Yes, arguably the strongest ruler in this world – money was forced to change because of Pluto.


As with anything, nothing is ever good or bad. It purely depends on our perspective and how we choose to deal with it. This shift brings immense opportunities for positive breakthroughs in technology, new inventions and the use of power in a much more constructive and evolved way.

A rejuvenation of society. We will be able to look back and see the immense benefits from a profound and life-changing planetary change.

Added to that, Saturn moved into the sign of Pisces on 7 March.

This will bring immense relief from its previous very difficult placement in Aquarius (the pandemic) and truly a time to take a breather and tap into the positive aspects of Saturn. 

In Pisces it will bring the welcome opportunity to give structure to our dreams and to manifest our deepest spiritual desires.  


Pisces is the most receptive, spiritual and sensitive water sign. It brings the opportunity to find our deepest connection to Source and to find bliss in silence. 

It brings a huge increase in psychic activity within ourselves. You may have already experienced this in the past few days. A need to withdraw and to go within.

A great time to dive deep and to find your inner connection.

To access your more true spiritual self. 

With the blessings of going within, bliss, new dreams and the actual realization of them