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Taking time to heal this holiday season
I am writing this missive during my holidays, and have to admit that this year they have been quiet, relaxing and very low key.  2019 flew by so quickly that the end of the year sneaked-up on us like a silent visitor in the night, with almost no warning.  I avoid shopping centres most of the time, so was not reminded of the season’s change by the Christmas decorations and music that usually flood the shops.

Tine is what your body and soul crave
The quietness is exactly what my body and soul craved this time, and I have spent the past 2 weeks in contemplation, meditation, watching series and clearing out the closets, all in preparation for the new energy of a new decade….

2020 is the start of the next decade
2020 is the start of the next decade and lays the groundwork for the next 10 years.  What could that mean for you???  How about having 20/20 vision, where we can clearly see the future exactly as we would like it to be.  Being willing to erase everything that has not served us from the past.  Be honest, and discerning when you choose to step forward with any of the old ‘stuff’ that you have been carrying from the past. This is not a New Year’s resolution – this is a New Decade resolution.

Here are a few suggestions of things you could choose to let go of:

  • All old emotional baggage: deep-seated emotional pain, heartache, disappointments and self-judgement.
  • Any physical baggage:  recuring illness, body dysmorphia, stagnation, laziness or pushing yourself too hard to strive towards physical perfection (let’s find some balance here this year), self-sabotage,  unhealthy eating patterns.
  • Old limiting thought patterns:  This is the perfect time to let go of the limiting monkey mind that keeps undermining your dreams and visions.
  • People that have not valued you, and supported you in finding your greater potential.  Get rid of the users and abusers.  Invite quality friends and partners rather than quantity
  • Work environment:  If you hate what you are doing- make a change.  Put your CV out there, or look at how and what it would take to start your own business.  Be as creative as you can.

Suggested steps
Can you think of anything else that no longer serves you?  Why not start the year by writing them all down. Then doing a little ritual of thanking yourself, your body and your reality for creating exactly what you subconsciously asked for.  And then burn it with some white sage allowing the flames of transformation to help release all of it.  The colour violet is all about transformation and transmutation, so visualise the colour, use the Violet Angel spray or Violet Light Matrix oil in this process, and call in the angelic support as you do this.

The next step would be to invite your higher-self and the universal energy in. Set a new vision for your future.   Use the issues you have released as keys to what you would like to invite instead, and then go tilt. Be as expansive, way-out and limitless as you can possibly be.  No more thinking small.

2020 adds up to a 4 numerically and 4 is all about setting new structures, platforms and building blocks for the future.  I would do the release ritual very early in the year. Then spend the entire rest of the year adding to your list of dreams and aspirations.  And as you begin to manifest each milestone, add another one

Draw a square
What if you could draw a square, or use post-its and write what you would like to anchor along the 4 edges.  Then days or weeks later… when you feel ready, add another overlapping square with another 4 dreams on it. Continue this throughout the year.  As I am writing this I can feel the energy of it building and it feels very exciting.  In fact – I would use different coloured pieces of paper. Add one of my Melchizadek candles to the top (like a paperweight).  Melchizadek lays foundations and works with sacred geometry. Which would help to anchor and actualise the statements.  Make sure you allow the feeling of excitement to build as you create this.  Set that intent when you light the candle and visualise them coming into fruition with the flame of perfection.  Do this as a daily or weekly ritual (whatever feels light for you).

Geometric Shape

This simple exercise will help to keep you focused on the end goal, and keep expanding the vision too.  I am going to do this and hope you will too.  I would love to hear how it is working for you.

May you dance into the brightest and most brilliant future with feet at light as feathers and may you find your wings so that you have absolutely no limits.

Colourful blessings always