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This Collective Pause

This collective pause has been a time to take stock of our lives. We have been given the time to be aware of how much toxicity we had been living with and feeding into the planet. How little nurturing you were receiving and how much time did you have to nurture and enjoy your family? How much of your life was fun for you?

How many of us had wished we could have a few months sabbatical and now this is exactly what we have been given.  Time out from our hectic schedules where we were continually on a fast track treadmill and were completely exhausted.

Everyone is talking about how nothing will be the same again, and yet we don’t know what that will mean for us in the future.  Maybe the best thing we can do is to acknowledge that everything we have experienced and done up to now has been sacred and has given us the tools to move forward in a new way.

This means that your first step is to look at what you would love to do, and what you need to let go of.  Would this mean job changes, lifestyle changes, having healthier boundaries, simplifying your living and expenses or choosing who you want to include in your life going forward?

Sometimes the past has to completely collapse in order for the new to emerge.  This makes me think of 2 people that I have met in my life who both had their houses burn to the ground, and they both lost everything.  Both families talked about what a gift it was once they got over the shock and trauma of the experience.  Letting go of all the accumulated ‘stuff’ and starting again was both liberating and cleansing.  Like the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Now I am not saying that you will lose everything first, this was just an analogy to give you hope for the future.

Take your mind off the struggle and lack and start the process with tiny perfect steps each day.  Finding gratitude in each moment is the start, and I know how hard it can be to find anything to be grateful for when we are stressed and struggling to survive, so here are some practical suggestions on how to do this.  When you wake up in the morning – spend a few moments snuggled in your warm bed and be grateful for the room, the comfortable bed, your partner and the cocoon that has kept you warm and safe.

In your mind acknowledge it and say thank you with sincere gratitude and always end with asking “how does it get better than this?” Open your curtains and marvel with gratitude at the clear blue sky, the bird song and the surroundings, and do the same.

As you wash be grateful for the crisp clean water.  Really look at and acknowledge your children or pets, give them a good morning hug and let them know how special they are and how grateful you are to have them in your life.  Be aware of your first drink of the day, or bite of food – savor it and be grateful…. Now that I have got the ball rolling for you – take time in your life to find more things in your environment that will delight and inspire you.  The more you do this all day every day – your higher self will begin to give you more and more things to keep you in the energy of gratitude.

I know that I have spoken about this before, but we need the constant reminder to keep us on track. Sadly, most of us have been focusing more on the problems than the joys, and we have noticed how severely this is affecting many of the children.  They listen to our conversations and fears and in their little minds it become insurmountable.  Many are now fearful of going back to school, seeing their friends and have lost their spontaneity and social skills.

I was guided to make a new oil on the 22nd April to support us all, and this one is Olive in colour. It is called Earth Gift and is truly that.  The colour is a combination of yellow and green.  The hidden yellow helps to ease the stress and fear we are all feeling or picking up from others, while the green energy opens the heart and invites a new way forward.  The 9 essential oils included have all been chosen to help support the immune system, while clearing and opening both the lungs and the heart energy.

I use it twice a day and I am on my 3rd bottle – it is amazing how it is helping me to keep centered, healthy and not to get hooked into the collective fear or anger based energy.   I highly recommend it for all members of the household.

Planet earth is evolving and societies are struggling to keep up because they don’t have the tools to work with.  The best gift you can give to yourself and others, is to be of service in any way.  A comforting hug, listening ear or cup of tea to a troubled soul could be all it takes to lift someones spirits.

As you start living your life in a more aware, conscious and compassionate way, you will be an example for many others.  Think of it as walking on a pristine beach and all you can see are your own footsteps.  This is the path others will follow, so chose your path well.

Sending you love from my heart and home to yours