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Did you know that our bodies crave and need loving and gentle touch? One of the most divine things your could do for yourself is to  have regular conscious massages.

In a massage treatment called the Antaneea Technique, we look at everything that makes up the Body: the texture colours and temperature of the skin, and how it changes in different areas of the body.  Muscle tone, scarring and bruising are all signposts that the soul has set up to tell your story or history.

Do you know that everything and every situation you create in life is a mirror or hologram of your emotional well-being?  What does this mean?  Well, let us say that you stub your right toe.  Other than hopping around swearing for a good while (somehow this seems to relieve the pain, doesn’t it?), the reason for creating the situation may be far deeper.

I developed the Antaneea Technique and have been teaching it for 20 years and am amazed at how many stories the body has to tell.  To help you understand this let me give you a little insight into the phenomenon that makes up our physical bodies.  I believe every one of us has a Soul, and this is the part of ourselves that is on a path of growth and healing.  Most of the time we go through life unconsciously.  We have our ups and downs, our happy and sad times, and believe it or not, ALL of those experiences are stored in the DNA – much like a computer memory bank, which stores everything that is input into the computer.  The way the computer works is dependent upon its programming.  If you have a glitch in the system, it keeps tripping you up.  Now imagine your Soul as being the Operator inside of you, who wants to help erase some of the glitches in your memory bank.  The only way to do that is to make you aware of it, so you can do something about it, because trust me, the only way to put in a new system that works, is to first erase the old.

So we need to be made aware of what needs to be erased, and our Soul does this as little nudges throughout our lives.  The stubbing of the toe, the scarring, the umpteenth time we have got into a bad job or relationship etc.  All of this is our Soul telling us there is unfinished business from our past that we have not looked at.  Until we deal with it, we just keep reproducing the same lessons. Sounds so easy? But as I said in the beginning, each of us are on our own mission, trying to cope with life and its ups and downs while keeping so busy that most of the time we have no idea what the message is.  Can you just see the Soul’s frustration when we just don’t get it time after time?  I believe our Soul’s way of reversing over us, is when we then start manifesting physical symptoms.  Maybe when we are flat on our backs in bed, we will take the time out to notice and be aware.  Let’s start learning and changing before that point shall we?

Here are a few simple tips to help your awareness:  Let’s look at stubbing your toe:


It has to do with past unresolved relationship issues.

It is the feminine side of the body and relates to woman in your life.

How much nurturing and caring you received in your past, relates to how much you are able to give or receive love in your life now.


Tells of how you were supported by your father in our childhood?

This relates to how well you create the structure and support in our reality right now – jobs, home etc.

Look at what it is that you are not trusting as you move into the future.

What keeps tripping you up, and how has that happened before.

This is the first simplistic view.  Through my years of training, research and massage therapy, I have discovered the ‘Map of The Body’, which hones it down much further.  It helps to identify the ages at which the individual first stored a traumatic incident in the cells, which in turn creates a limiting belief.  The therapist will guide the individual to remembering the incident; the next step is releasing it.  The Antaneea Technique system uses 13 divine Light Matrix Oils, together with sound vibrations and symbols, the combination of which helps to release the issue gently and with very little trauma.  This very powerful treatment has to be experienced, to be believed.  All you need is the willingness to change and the courage to take that first step.

We have a list of amazing therapists waiting to support you – please check them out here.  OR if you are interested in training as a therapist in this modality please keep an eye on the newsletter or course diary.  This training is usually only held once a year and is a 4-day course.