Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy


My Dearest Penni

My journey with you has been a long one!  I cannot recall how long ago it was that I did the Magic of Colour Course with you but I can say emphatically, that it has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life and I know that it will continue long into the future.

I have made use of your beautiful teachings of colour over many years.   As a result I have been able to assist other people who have also gained from the knowledge that has been passed onto me as well as from the use of your gentle healing oils and sprays.

Recently, I had major surgery to both my body and my face.    I was bruised and very sore.    I used the blue and pink oils on my body and the magenta oil on my face.   The healing process was remarkable!    My surgeon was very interested to learn of what I had used to facilitate the healing process so I am now working on him to attend one of your courses!

As you know, the only down side for my after the surgery was the knock to my immune system.  I have been battling since mid-March with colds, a sore chest, coughing, sore ears and generally feeling like I have been hit by a bulldozer.    Medication has not done much to assist me.   The magic was attending one Access Body Process session with you and I feel like a different person.   I left you feeling elated and light.   The buzzing in my ears and my giddiness had gone.   The gruffness in my voice was gone and by this morning, I am back to normal!.

I wanted to thank you, from my heart to your heart, for your passion, your willingness to impart your knowledge with such a free heart, your support towards your students and your healing and love.  It has been invaluable in my life and I hope that others may read this and enter your world of magical colour and healing.

My love and gratitude always