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Metatron – Sacred Geometry Healing Grid


These grids are 10cm in diameter and are 18K Gold plated.

The spheres of Metatron’s Cube represent the ‘Feminine’ whilst the straight lines represent the ‘Masculine’. Thus Metatron’s Cube represents the weaving together of the Male & Female polarities to create the ONENESS field of the infinite ALL.  It is a powerful facilitator of connecting your wishes to the power of all that is, the field of the infinite ALL.

Use them under a bed, therapy plinth, on a window, or framed and on a wall – to invite the energy they bring to the space.



These grids are 10cm in Diameter and are 18k gold plated.  Use them in the room, under a bed, framed and on a wall or stick onto a window – to invite the support they offer.  Please add a note to let me know which one you are ordering.




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