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Blessings of Love


Blessing of Love Blessing Box – The Gift of Love

The Blessing of Love Blessing Box ignites love and self-worth with our Chamuel Candle, elevates your spirit with our divine Angelic Wings Spray and wraps you in love with our Archangel Chamuel Oil

Feel the universe’s love with our Blessings Box

In the sacred realm of the heart, love flows endlessly, nurturing your soul and elevating your spirit. Imagine spraying the Angelic Wings of Love Spray around you, feeling a gentle wave of warmth and affection envelop you. This spray lifts your vibration and opens your heart, inviting loving responses from the universe.

As you anoint your body with Archangel Chamuel Oil, feel a tender, loving energy wrap around you, reminding you of your inherent worth and beauty. This sacred oil helps you release judgments, nurturing a deep sense of self-love and acceptance. Light the Chamuel Candle and let his loving energy fill your space, creating a sanctuary of unconditional love and compassion.


  • Self-Love – Embrace your true worth with Archangel Chamuel Oil, releasing self-judgment and nurturing deep self-love and acceptance.
  • Vibration Elevation – Elevate your vibration and invite positive energy with Angelic Wings of Love Pink Spray.
  • Compassionate Environment – Create a sanctuary of unconditional love and compassion by lighting the Chamuel Candle in your space.
  • Positive Energy – Invite positive, loving energy into your life by generously using Angelic Wings of Love Spray.
  • Unconditional Love – Immerse yourself in unconditional love by inviting Archangel Chamuel’s energy.


Q: What if I don’t feel any difference using these products?

A: Consistency is key; use daily for noticeable changes in vibration.

Q: Are these products safe for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, our products are formulated for all skin types, including sensitive.

Q: Can I use the spray and oil together?

A: Absolutely! They are designed to complement each other seamlessly.

Q: What if I don’t believe in angelic energies?

A: Feel the benefits through self-love and emotional healing, regardless of belief.



Love Blessing Box – candle, spray and body or bath oil.

Angelic Wings of Love – Pink Spray: Elevate your vibration and open your heart with this divine spray. Use it liberally around yourself or the room to invite love and kindness into your life.

Archangel Chamuel Oil: Anoint your body with this oil to wrap yourself in love, letting go of self-judgment and embracing your true worth. Use this oil on your body or in your bath twice daily, and feel the love flow through you.

Chamuel Candle: As you light this candle, welcome Chamuel’s loving energy into your space, creating a warm and nurturing environment.

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 cm


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