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Blessings of Magic


Blessings of Magic Blessing Box – The Gift of Magic

Step into the mystical realm of divine magic with these enchanted blessings. Imagine the Angel of Illumination Spray inviting a protective, reflective diamond light into your life. This sacred spray brings renewal, restoring your inner dance and aligning you with the dreams of the new earth.

Anoint yourself with Merlin Oil to call upon his transformative magic. Feel the ancient, powerful energy elevate your life path, bringing divine magic and manifestation skills to your spiritual journey. As you light the Merlin Candle, anchor this mystical energy into your space, creating a sanctuary of magic and wonder.


  • Energy Protection – Embrace divine diamond light spray to safeguard and rejuvenate your space and energy field effortlessly.
  • Personal Transformation – Experience profound change and growth by integrating the powerful energies of Merlin’s magic.
  • Protection from Negativity – Ward off negative energies with the protective diamond light of our Angel of Illumination Spray.
  • Magical Atmosphere – Create a mystical ambiance at home by lighting the Merlin Candle and welcoming divine magic.
  • Daily Ritual Enhancement – Enhance your daily rituals and spiritual practices with our transformative products.


Q: Is this product safe to use on my skin?

A: Absolutely, our products use high-quality, skin-safe, natural ingredients.

Q: How effective is the Angel of Illumination Spray?

A: It’s immensely effective at renewing and protecting your energy field.

Q: Will these products really help with manifestation?

A: Yes, they enhance your manifestation power through magical energy and intention.

Q: Are the benefits of this product worth the price?

A: Experience transformative spiritual renewal and protection, making it absolutely worthwhile.



Blessing of Magic Blessing Box – candle, spray and body or bath oil.

Your Path to Divine Transformation!

Angel of Illumination – Clear Spray: Protect and renew your energy with the diamond light. Spray around yourself or the room 2-3 times a day to align with your highest dreams.

Merlin Oil: Transform and elevate your life path with Merlin’s magic. Use this oil on your body twice daily, inviting divine magic into your life.

Merlin Candle: Light this candle to anchor Merlin’s magical presence into your space, infusing it with the energy of transformation and manifestation.


Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 cm


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