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Abundance Blessings


Abundance Blessings: Blessing Box

Sending you Blessings of Abundance

In the mystical dance of creation, where the universe conspires to manifest your deepest desires, there exists a divine ally who lays the foundation for your dreams. Melchizadek, the angel within this sacred oil is a master architect of possibilities, forming geometric patterns that pave the way for new beginnings. Imagine a radiant being of light igniting your inner fire, filling you with passion and drive. As you embark on new ventures—be it a project, a home, or a business—invoke his presence to guide you with unwavering success.

Alongside this, the Earth Angel Spray works its magic, dissolving any blockages and clearing the path for an abundant flow of energy. Feel the barriers melt away as a river of prosperity streams into your life. As you light the Melchizadek Candle, envision his powerful energy infusing your space, creating a sanctuary of abundance and possibility.


  • New beginnings – Invoke Archangel Melchizadek’s presence to support your fresh start with unwavering success.
  • Focus enhancement – Spray the Earth Angel Red Spray to clear blockages and activate an abundant flow.
  • Space purification – Melchizadek Candle purifies your space with powerful transformative light.
  • Motivation booster – Feel an instant surge of motivation with every rub of the blessed oil.


Q: Do you have to believe in this for it to work?

A: This is a spiritual tool for manifesting abundance, all you have to do it drop your resistance and allow the flow.

Q: How do I know it will work?

A: Many have experienced success; try it yourself and be willing to receive.

Q: What if I’m skeptical about spiritual products?

A: Being open-minded can unlock the product’s full potential to transform your life.



Abundance Blessing – candle, spray and body or bath oil

Manifest Abundance: Sacred Oil and Angels by Your Side

Earth Angel – Red Spray: In the gentle embrace of the Earth Angel, you are grounded and connected to the source of all abundance. Spray liberally around yourself, your diary, contracts, or the room, and feel the rich, nurturing energy enveloping you.

Archangel Melchizadek: Picture the divine architect crafting a sacred geometry for your new beginnings. Ask for his guidance and support as you embark on new endeavors. Rub this blessed oil on your body twice daily, and feel the foundations of success solidify beneath your feet.

Melchizadek Candle: As the flame dances, invite the light of Melchizadek to bless your space, filling it with the energy of creation and infinite possibilities.

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 cm


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