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Oh my word, the past month has been challenging for so many of us, personally and globally. The level of fear and trauma on the planet is escalating rather than abating, and it is when the energy around us is at it’s most intense that empaths need to take extra care to find balance within themselves. If you are feeling completely flattened, remember that we cannot turn up for others and be channels of loving support when our own batteries are empty. 

We are all so much more intuitive that we know, and a lot of what we are experiencing does not belong to us.  Whether we are watching the news, talking to others about the state of current affairs or in any kind of judgement about who is right and who is wrong – this intensifies the way we are feeling. 

Even though I personally choose not to lower my vibration by giving attention to whatever is happening in the world that I am not able to control, I am still tapping into the energy of the collective trauma and drama as well as the fear of what the future holds for us all.  This sucks the very life out of us and reminds us to keep our focus on opening hearts.  All hearts – not only the ones we believe are in the right. 

I am reminded of the famous ho oponopono story about a man named as Dr. Hew Len, who healed every patient in a criminally insane Hawaii State Hospital without ever seeing a single patient. To do this, he used the famous Hawaiian Ho’oponopono technique of healing and regeneration.  He worked through the files of each patient and reflected on their stories and how he may be doing the same within his own life, until he had clarity and then began the process of forgiveness and release (within himself).  He believed that if he was in an environment that held so much negativity – then it was an outer reflection of what was still unhealed within himself. His commitment to doing this inner work reflected so much on his outer reality, that all the inmates were rehabilitated and released until that section in the hospital eventually closed.

So let us all look at how much we may be at war within ourselves.  How much do we judge ourselves, reject ourselves, are fighting our own bodies.  The powerplays we have with ourselves and others.  How much are we abusing or neglecting ourselves, and so much more….  This is profoundly deep work and needs courage and time to work through each issue personally, until we truly feel that each is resolved.

It is a simple process and the steps to follow are:

Step 1:  Repentance – I’m Sorry

Step 2:  Asking for forgiveness – Please forgive me

Step 3: Gratitude – Thank you

Step 4 Love – I love you

So the mantra you would repeat after every aha moment – many times every day is:  I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. You are saying this to yourself (not the outer situation) – once we work at healing ourselves, then the mirror of whatever is happening around us changes.  

Doing this every day while anointing your body with my wonderful products to support the body and the emotions would be really helpful.  If you would like to give them a try, please choose from these: 

If you are in shock and hooked into the trauma – the Orange Light Matrix oil. To see the truth in any situation – the Horus – Angel of illumination oil is amazing.  To wrap yourself in loving comfort work with the Coral Light Matrix oil.  To reboot your energy and refill your battery – give the Red Light Matrix oil a try.  The oils are used daily either by rubbing them onto the body – or using them as a bath oil.  And finally – keep spraying the Gold Angel of Ascension spray around yourself and your environment to raise the dense vibration and invite the loving and supportive Christ energy.

I am doing all of the above and will also be taking 5 days to re-charge my batteries at the sea from the 25th – 30th March.  Being in a different environment and getting some vitamin sea, sun, special time with my daughter and enjoying the vibrant colours of nature is what will nurture my body and I. 

What can you do for yourself during this time? Please also remember that we have a team of amazing therapists who could support you, and if you would like to come and play in any of my courses and learn how to support yourself and others – you are most welcome. 

Sending love and colourful blessings your way