Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Positive Attributes:

You have chosen this colour because you have the potential to do and achieve anything in your life as there are no filters. You are connected to your higher purpose and are clearly guided. You are clear, positive and enthusiastic. You have an air of purity and inner-strength surrounded by a loving, gentle package.


You have been through an intensely difficult time in your life – it may go as far back as childhood trauma. On a soul level, you have chosen this so that you are able to be compassionate and empathetic when helping others through the same thing. There was a time where it felt like there was no colour in your life. Please look at it as an initiation period helping you toward mastery. Let go of the past and move forward. Instead of finding difficulties and obstacles in life, you need to begin to look for the gifts in each experience. You find you take on other people’s moods and negativity and allow it to affect you.
(Remember the challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

There are 3 possible paths you can choose to find wholeness. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you.

Using the product twice a day will help bring balance the following ways:

Oil of Transformation – Pearl

This oil brings light and clarity into any situation.
It is the surgeon of all oils and can be used to remove all negative energy or memories from the body.
It helps you to see the truth in any situation.
It releases anything that keeps you stuck in the past, by bringing it to the surface to be acknowledged and let go of.
Use twice a day anywhere on the body or at least 10 pumps in the bath



Angel of Illumination – Angel Spray

The prism of Diamond light wraps you in divine protection and reflection.
It instantly brings light into any situation – removing any negativity and lower vibration.
With absolute honour it restores your dance through life aligning you to your dream with harmony and synchronicity.
It quickly draws in the light, raising the vibration around your body and in any space.
Brilliant for energy and space clearing and to clear crystals
Spray around the room or your body regularly to keep yourself clear – the effect last for 2 – 3 hours.



Oil of Illumination – Elohim

The Elohim are mighty beings of Love and Light who offered to help manifest perfection on earth. They are the guardians of the Immaculate Concept of the Earth and the Universe, as well as your own individualized divinity.
By consciously working with this Deity you connect to the Divine spark of purity that lives within the centre of each atom, and is waiting to be acknowledged. This shines the light on all discordant, shadow beliefs or limitations so that they can be released, connecting to your own divine spark.
Brings clarity and insight. Releases lower vibrations of negativity and limitation. Accelerates and purifies the vibratory level of the cells. Use daily anywhere on the body or in the bath.