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Living life with passion and purpose has its challenges. A week ago I felt the energy shift for the first time in over a year. Before that, it was like trying to navigate through a swamp at night with no headlights and no map. Did you feel the same? I kept berating myself for being so slack with my newsletter. N offering a beacon of light for all of you – but hey… I was treading water. Trying to keep myself afloat. Feeling like I had no more to give. And then it felt like that protective shell we were all hiding inside cracked open. Once again the sun shone through again.

Then spring in my step was back

I woke up for the first time in ages with a spring in my step. Music in my heart. With it came the energy to dance and create magic again. It was like I had come alive again after being in a deep sleep.

What is your purpose?

So what now you may ask? Well… How about thinking about your purpose? When you start bringing that thought forward. Does it give you a tingly excited feeling in your tummy? I can just hear many of you saying – ‘Hell no, I have no idea what my purpose is. You need to tell me what it is?’ I have heard this so many times. My answer is always along the lines of… ‘Sorry for you my duckling. Only you can find that out for yourself. Asking me to tell you, would be me tapping into my passions and purpose and projecting those onto you – which would not be in your best interests.

If you have no idea where to start looking for your purpose

Start by thinking of what you love doing. What gives you immense joy? What are you passionate about? Where is you purposeful? We all have to find our joy in the midst of all this chaos. If you are an analytical left-brainer, you may have to write pros and cons lists. Don’t limit this to work issues. If you encompass your entire life. you may be amazed at what comes up. If you are a more creative personality. Try dreaming, doodling, mind mapping, or drawing. This could provide you with a vision of the future. Try lying on the grass. Staring at the trees and clouds above. Allow your mind to wonder. This meditative state could help you find the answers you are looking for. BTW, I would suggest this exercise for the left-brainers too. It helps to calm the busy mind and access different possibilities.

After you have uncovered your ideas

Once you have the ideas on paper, tap fully into your presence (the uniqueness of you) in the present moment and ask your higher self these questions:

‘What magical future can I create, which will encompass all these traits and ideas?’

‘How can I use all of this to my best and highest advantage?’

‘How can they be a contribution to myself, my family, and the planet?’

‘What energy, space, and consciousness I can be to use these ideas to create magic and abundance in my life with the greatest of ease?’

Bring your Higher Self in the mix of living life with passion and purpose

Once you have put these questions to your higher self.  Let them go and then become hyper-aware.  Any ideas that pop into your head? Write them down.  Any time you hear of a company, product or name at least 3 times. Make a note of it. These are signposts, nudges, and answers from your higher self.

What future are you ready to weave my precious friend?  How could you be a contribution, far beyond what you ever thought possible? Think of the spider building its intricate and yet so delicate web.  Each strand is separate and yet connected and it glides around the web with the greatest of ease.  Is there a way you can take all the different dreams that you have and form them into something new, exciting and far-reaching?

Step into your personal power,

Now is the most auspicious time to do this with the energy of Leo and Lion’s gateway opening up early in the month of August.  So stop giving away your power to a job or situation that does not empower you. Take a deep breath and know with every fiber of your being, that it is time for you to step forward, be seen, and to begin enjoying and sharing what this life has to offer.

If these concepts are all a bit too confusing for you, then you are welcome to book a session, and let’s see if I can help you to formulate them into something magical.  We can do this through a color reading or Access Bars session, or better yet – think of attending the next Access Bars training where I can give you amazing new concepts to work with.  I am so passionate about sharing my tools and watching people thrive, glow and grow.  The key questions you have to ask yourself is – Am I ready to change my life, and what do I choose in these 10 seconds that could create something greater?

Until next time, holding you in love