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What if this month we can focus on ways to invite more lightness into your lives?  The first step to this is to truly know that we have all set up the game-boards that we have chosen to play in and with during our lives, and each one is unique.  Every person we encounter is part of the game we have chosen and will either support us positively or push our buttons in order to help us heal something that is unfinished.

Taking personal responsibility

When I really understood this (many years ago), it helped me to forgive and let go of the people who had hurt me in my life.  Taking personal responsibility for everything that happened in my life was such a revelation and helped me to let go of blame, shame and victimhood.  I became aware of the patterns and how these were re-played in cycles – not by the same people, but by attracting situations that brought up the same emotions, which meant that they still needed to be healed.

The Antaneea technique massage therapy

The Antaneea technique massage therapy that I developed and have been teaching since 1997 is a fantastic way of looking at the cycles.  The therapist is trained to identify emotional trauma that is unresolved and locked in the cells.  Each one would be linked to a different age, and it is up the client to remember what happened at that particular age.  In this way they are willing to open the soul’s filing cabinet, to uncover the buried and hidden unresolved traumas.  It is done in a very gentle way where they know they are supported in every step. Then through the placement of many of my magic oils on the body, together with sound vibrations and clearing statements, we are able to start the process of dissolving the issues.

The reason why I am mentioning this now is that this would be a perfect time to book an Antaneea massage.  Venus has just gone into Retrograde in Scorpio (the sign of deep transformation) , which only happens once every 8 years.

Opening the heart with Venus

This gives us a unique opportunity to release the old, open our hearts and find the clarity we have been looking for over the past months or years. and Venus remains in retrograde for 40 days.  Venus is the planet of love, relationships, money, and all things valuable. The first 20 days of her retrograde cycle (6 – 26 October) is about going beneath the surface, finding what is there, processing and releasing what has served its time in our lives, in order to make room for the new.  (hence me suggesting this therapy over the next 20 days – click HERE to find a therapist near you)

Something that is not common knowledge is that halfway through her retrograde cycle when Venus reaches the same degree as the Sun (on 26th October) , she will be closest to earth and this is when her new cycle begins.  This is a potentially powerful heart-opening time and together with the transformational aspect of Scorpio could signal new beginnings in relationships with ourselves, others, beauty, money, creativity –  and more.  (How cool that I am running an Access Bars training on the 27th) – I just love the synchronicities, and I know that the new tools I will share on that day, will help people to actualize what they have been searching for.

The key to holding the new way of being is still in the hands of the client

So many people expect the therapist to do all the work for them, and if they go home and recant all their wrongness, pain, and past stories – then they are inviting the struggle back in again. Remember – whatever we focus on, and give attention to – grows and expands.  We are all conscious creators – whether you believe this or not.  So look at all those past experiences as amazing opportunities to heal – and remember them with gratitude.  As you give thanks, you are able to manifest anything you require.

Remember to laugh at least 3 times a day.

Laugh even when your heart is heavy.  We have chosen to come here to play and to have fun. Laughter can transmute negativity. Find something to make you laugh – even if you are laughing at yourself.  If you laugh in the sacred space you have created, it will return to you tenfold.  Finding joy in life is truly rejuvenating. It is the key to success. When focusing on this, you will notice that your life becomes lighter and easier.

Look out for the cosmic winks from the spirit,  There are so many signs and messages that come to us all the time – if we could only notice them.  I love the book called ‘Signposts” by Denise Lin.  She explains the meanings of so many of the signs that happen all the time, through things you notice, dream or have happened to you or around you.  This is the way spirit speaks to you.

And lastly for today.

Spend time focusing on the light. Search for it in everything that you do.  Every decision that you make – feel the energy of it.  Does it feel light or heavy?  Light is right and is something to follow. A heavy feeling is in an indication that taking that path will not support you.  It does not matter where you are. It does not matter where you are headed or where you are going if you are moving toward the light.  Life is not about the destination/Life is about the journey. So enjoy every step, every moment, and every interaction, and you cannot go wrong.

Until next month, colourful blessings always