Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy
Here is a summary of 6  of the dynamic healing processes developed by Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness.  There are about 40 different ones, and each process downloads formulas on the body – which speak directly to the cells.  I am honoured to be able to share this fantastic work with you, and would love to invite you to either come and experience one of them in my Divine Space, or join us on the training.

Fazila – one of the attendees on the training has written her experiences below: enjoy….


We started the series with this amazing Body Processwhich boosts the immune system. This gentle hands-on session is non invasive, gentle and is truly amazing to gift and receive.

My body was crying for me to simply slow down and relax, so it could do the release it needed, and this process, together with using the Blue Light Matrix oil – gave me exactly what I needed.  We were taught that the increased sensitivity in the body was the cells beginning their healing journey.  They were sloughing off layers of toxins, and this first step could sometimes make you feel worse, before turning the corner.

The trick is to keeping doing the MTVSS body process, to support the alignment.  The cells yearn for perfect health and ease of being – and this therapy can be done often to invite that state of being. Of course, the Bars therapy and anointing the body twice a day with the Blue Light Matrix oil as an additional layer of support is also truly beneficial.


During this lesson we learned about the DMMD Body Process which is a relaxing body process that is used to change the structure of what a body needs and to dissolve what is not working.  This is helpful for removing conditions like arthritis, warts, growths etc.. anywhere you would like to change the molecular structure to be more healthy.

De-molecular manifestation is the process in which you communicate with the molecules to create something where it did not exist before. Molecular de-manifestation is where you make something go away that does exist, again by talking with the molecules.

These energies can be run on many things, for example, water, wine, food, bodies, garbage, oils spills etc … that will allow them to change their molecular structure into something different.

This day we also did the most stunning energy healing on the planet – where we asked this amazing process to run on the oceans and on the earth – allowing ourselves to be a contribution to the planet and asking for change in a way that is non-judgmental.  We all felt energised and clear after this gifting.

As we have progressed through the weeks and built up the repertoire of tools and in the short space of time we are able to run a combination of the processes we have learnt (where relevant and appropriate) together to deepen the change required by the body.

BODY PROCESS – Clearing the Lymphatic system

This Access Body process week  helped to stimulate and bring alignment to the  Lymphatic Glandular systems of the body. Did you know that it is the Lymph System that supports all other systems? If it isn’t working properly – other systems start to fail. Over continuous sessions you could enhance your lymphatic system and optimize it to be a smooth clean engine that fuels all the other systems of your body.

As we have progressed through each week, the energy runs stronger for both the person who is gifting and the recipient. The processes are indeed more potent as one works with energy continuously and with different processes, bodies are in allowance of receiving more energy and healing each week.  I am truly loving this journey.

Access Body Process : Cellular Memory 

This hands-on Body Process is relevant to reversing the effects of physical trauma and scar tissue on the body.  These include recent or old as well as internal scarring from surgery.  Cellular Memory is about unlocking the cells that have been stuck so that they can go back to doing what they’re supposed to. Very similar to re-booting your pc :-).

Our bodies were all zinging after this treatment, and it is so amazing to feel how much stronger they are getting after each week.  Now that the cells know what to expect, they are drinking in these fantastic energetic tools, and responding in a deeper and more tangible way.

Access Body process : Restoration of Hyperventilation

To support the physical challenges that we often face when dealing with heart issues. More importantly, it increases the capacity to receive more than oxygen. This and previous Body Processes provide invaluable support when you are ready to change – healing and releasing whatever the body is read to let go of.

Zero Sum of Trauma – an Access Body Process from  Access ConsciousnessTM. This hands-on process is used for when the body has been traumatised to undo the effect of cumulative trauma on the body. The need for it occurs with repeated trauma when you get used to the pain you are living with. If you read week 2 on my experience with pain in the body.  When Zero Sum of Trauma was run, I experienced substantial relief on this day of  the workshop.

I will continue to have this body process run for myself as it is relevant for the pain that I have locked away in my body over the years (could you tell that I am a perfectionist……. I have sought to control even my pain). During this session my experience went deeper than just the healing of pain.  So if you would like to let go of the trauma of the past – Zero Sum of Trauma (lets go of the past) and the use of the Yellow Light Matrix oil (to bring in fun and joy)together with the Gold Matrix Oil (so you are supported by the wisdom and guidance of your higher self).  What an awesome combination that was.


My mantra that awareness is the first step IS something that I incorporate into my daily life. And awareness at this stage is priceless as I get to choose a different response now.

What has been captivating to the senses have been the Conscious Communion with Colour meditations that the group is guided through each week – to sense, immerse, experience, feel, engage and ultimately connect with the colours that are chosen for that week. Followed up by clearing statements  to assist with blocks (where you may experience challenges) and to enhance (where you want more of something……… and who wouldn’t)!!