Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Healing from the past is essential if we are to awaken to 5th-dimensional consciousness. A New Year is a perfect time to let go of old habits in order to be free of negativity. To open the door to the new one must let go of the past.

Uncovering your story

Awakening to your personal story.  A personal story is the first step to knowing yourself as a 5th dimensional being. This 5th-dimensional being can be uncovered through a deeply insightful colour reading.

How does colour work assist you in awakening to the 5th dimention?

A colour reading consists of 9 different bottles. During a color therapy session, each colorful bottle has the potential to map your life at this moment in time. This map represents a different aspect of your life and past issues. Past issues have to be overcome and mastered, to be released from them.  Colour Therapy is like a counseling session. Colour Therapy will offer you the opportunity to open your heart to the doorway of the 5th dimension.

Awakening to 5th-dimensional consciousness

The next step after uncovering your story is the willingness to let go of the old patterns and trauma. Old patterns and trauma is often locked in the cells of the body.  Freeing the body of stuck trauma through a gentle massage called Antaneea Technique is the most effective way to heal from stuck trauma

Using Anteneea Therapy as a tool to awaken

During an  Antaneea treatment, the therapist is able to pick up specific ages where memories have been stored in the body in order for you to release them.  The release from past issues is achieved by gently massaging the body 3 times in one therapy. An Antanea consists of the use of  divine oils, sound and symbols.  The Therapist’s loving voice and touch hold you securely as you release past habits and negative thought patterns to assist you in your awakening. Every time you experience an Antaneea treatment, you will be taken deeper into the release process.  This therapy is true bliss and is a life-changing experience.

The third step is to work on clearing the mind

Clearing the mind will ensure don’t re-anchor the old ways of thinking.  Dwelling on the lessons of the past will lock itself back into our consciousness.

Access Bars

The Access Bars treatment is a perfect modality to assist you in clearing the mind chatter and clutter so that you can awaken to the new.  A trained therapist gently rests their fingers on your head, activating 32 different points. Each point assists you in clearing the past programs and negative habits.

Adding Access Bars to your healing journey

Access Bars is very relaxing. During and Access Bars treatment most clients either fall asleep or they go into a deep meditative state during treatment. After a treatment clients often report that it feels like the lights in the body heart and mind have switched on.  Clients often say that everything looks and feels brighter, and they feel lighter in so many ways.  Access Bars clear the closets of the mind… making space for new creative ideas, thinking and a far more expansive state of being.

It is suggested to alternate the Antaneea therapy with the Bars treatment and has at least one a month in order to speed up your healing process.  It is so rewarding to see the changes in people who have been willing to commit to this protocol.

Training Sessions

I offer training in all of the above modalities and have a team of brilliant therapists who are ready and willing to support you. Please check out my website for more information on each modality – or to choose a therapist.

The next step in your healing journey is the COLLECTIVE MATRIX CALIBRATION.   At this time it is still being developed and I am having such fun allowing it to unfold.

As we begin our healing journey we have the potential to awaken to 11-dimensional aspects of ourselves. In the 11h dimension, we begin to move through our finite or imperfect states of physicality, learning from each fractured parts of ourselves, while supporting each other in our collective growth. Ultimately we will all move on to another level of existence at the same time – so let’s do whatever it takes to speed up this process.

And here is something to really ponder over…. what if the earth itself also has 11 different aspects…. Which earth do you choose to play on?

As we hold that information, I wish you all a year of lightness, love and a sense of joy in every moment.

Until next time.

Colourful blessings