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I had a wonderful conversation with 2 very special beings today and it inspired me to write the last newsletter for this year. The topic this time is how much we judge ourselves for not doing and being enough.  This is so relevant for me as I know that I have been in hiding for the past 3 years, and I have put so much guilt and pressure on myself for doing this.


I had taken on great responsibility for being there to support others to help them cope through their darkest times, and really felt that by withdrawing I was not doing my ‘job’.  I can really giggle at how heavy that all feels.  Gosh … how many lifetimes ago did I take on that responsibility and is it something I want to continue carrying for the rest of my earthly days.  The immediate answer is HELL NO.


Each person is responsible for their own journey and all we, as light workers can do, is be the example of a different way of living.  Humanity can then choose which reality they wish to play in.  The reality of struggle, fear or hopelessness, or one of ease and lightness.  By the need to be there, saving or supporting them – was I keeping them in the victim role?  What if the heaviness of carrying them over the finish line is not empowering for any of us.


On top of that – who has been the ELF in our lives.  An elf is the evil little fly that distracts us from our path, the irritation that draws us back into self judgement and the lower density of the 3rd dimensional reality.  I can think of 2 people in the last month who have verbally judged me and that way I do things – that literally pulled the rug from under my feet and made me doubt the way I teach and the work that I do.  Being in integrity with the way I live my life and the work that I do has always been at the top of my list, so this hit me in the gut really hard, and I withdrew even more.  The fact that it affected me so, was a clear message that I still have some work to do on myself.  People’s opinions reflect their issues and I am happy to refturn them to sender.

The distracting elves could be the political situation, electricity issues (or lack thereof), health concerns, worrying about others etc etc etc….  what takes you down the rabbit hole and away from your quiet centeredness?

How apt that the precursor to Christmas is the naughty elf who gets up to so much mischief.  Do we only deserve the reward once we can master the distractions.  What are we instilling in our children with this story?  Oh my – that could be  whole other teaching all of its own – so dont let me get distracted down that path.


The oils and sprays that I make have such a wonderful light within them and are an immense support for those that choose them.  I know that they could help so many people that I could not get to physically.  So, over the last 3 months I did a huge marketing campaign and offered them at a reduced rate to expand my base and make it easier for others to afford them.  Did that make a difference?  Sadly not.  Only a handful of people chose this, and when I think about it – was it because I was trying too hard?  Again, work work work, do, do do… and the lesson was…. this does not work for me and the energy that I am holding.


Think of a lighthouse.  It does not ‘do’ anthing but shine the light, and in doing so it illuminates both the dangers and pitfalls as well as shining the light on the correct path to take.  With no noise, fanfare or effort.  When I think of this it feels so ‘light’ (excuse the pun).  The rays shine really far in all directions and are there for anyone anywhere to see – IF they are looking.  And even more importantly, the light we shine is reflected back to us in the mirror of the ocean (really cool hey?).

Please know too, that just by holding that light you are making more of a difference on the planet than you could ever realise.


I have spoken a lot in the past about stepping into the 5th dimension, and the epiphany that I have just had is that I now absolutely know that in that higher reality there is no struggle, there is no pushing, pulling and need for ‘work’ in order to be seen and make a difference.  I am now choosing to simply hold the light in a quiet and centred way (being in the zero point field), and anyone who sees me and wants to know more, will find both me and the services/products that I offer.  I am always here for you.


I hope that this inspires you to a different way of being that is unique to you and feels light for you.  We are each on our own path and have chosen the track we want to be on – and yours may be very different from mine.  All you have to do is set the intent and trust the process, and spirit will support whatever you have chosen and are focussing on.

By taking the time to read my posts, we are connecting and sharing our light and I so grateful for that synergy.  Thank you for being in my life.

I am now on leave until the 9th January and hope that your time over the holidays is peaceful and that you can fill your life with the joy of just being.

I look forward to connecting with you again in 2023.

With divine blessings always