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How are you feeling with that new life growing inside of you?  Are you enjoying every moment,?  This is one of the most  amazing and special times of your life.  A time when you are blessed with an abundance of love, compassion and angelic support as you nurture that special little angel inside of you.

Take time to drink in every memory, to talk and sing to your unborn child, to feel the joy building inside and around you.  The tiny being is so very aware of every emotion and interaction you have, and this will affect their personalities as they come into life.

If you find you are too stressed and are struggling to cope right now, begin to change this as it will only be ten times worse when the baby arrives.

There are amazing natural supportive tools out there to help you during this time.

Penni of Divine Space has created a range of magical coloured Oils and Sprays that can help you cope with any situation.  Each colour is a combination of natural plant and herb oils, with 7 essential oils, colour inclusions, crystal energy and sound vibrations.  The result is a gentle healing pack of note that is used as either a body  or bath oil.  When absorbing the oils in the body they begin to help you regain balance and dissolve the issues that are creating hurdles in your life.  The colours below are safe to use during pregnancy and are suggested as a support after the first trimester.


•    During pregnancy, anywhere after the first trimester and continued until birth:

Rub the pink ‘’Light Matrix oil” on the tummy and blue ‘Light Matrix oil’  around the outer edge in a U shape – the blue symbolizes the support and strength of the father energy  holding the loving compassionate mother energy.  The combination is loving and supportive for both mother and child.

•    During labour or trauma:  rub or massage the Blue Light Matrix oil  onto the tummy and legs to ease contractions and assist the birthing process.  The blue is the rescue colour and is used for any pain or trauma in adults or children. It calms and soothes all muscle strain, as well as for cuts, bruises, burns, abrasions etc…

•    On Mom – after the birth, to heal the birth trauma  – use the orange ‘Oil of Transformation’ down mom’s left side every morning to re-seal the aura, then soak every evening in a bath with about 10 pumps of the blue ‘Oil of Transformation’ to ease and assist the healing and recuperation, while helping mom to relax.  This should be repeated every day for at least a week, but preferably until the oils are finished. Orange in the morning and blue in the evening.

•    During the birth and when baby comes home gently massage a tiny bit of the Mother Mary – ‘Divine Transformation’ Oil on them in the mornings and the blue Oil  at night.  You could use a few drops in the bathwater instead of directly on the body, or mix a couple of drops in Sweet Almond oil to make a wonderful massage oil.

Continue this for the first 2 or 3 years.  Mother Mary is always present at a birth and welcomes the child in with infinite love and compassion.  She  brings in the gentle loving mother energy and the blue relaxes and calms the child, bringing in the supportive father aspect, and helping them to relax and sleep.  The combination of the two colours bring a nice balance and helps the child  to feel safe.   They are definitely more manageable when using the colours.

•    Use a combination of the Blue and Pink Light Matrix Oils on all children in a  single parent home, or  on children of divorced parents as one of the parents is missing and the 2 oils help to restore a sense of stability and balance in the child’s life.  Inviting in both the masculine and feminine support.  Other colours can be introduced from school going age.

•    Support the energy by using the pink Angel Spray (Angelic wings of Love) when the baby, child or adult is uptight, anxious or irritable. The spray instantly calms aggression and brings in love.  This affects everyone in the environment.

•    Using the Pink Angel spray every evening at bed time – is really supportive.  Invite the angel of protection into the space by spraying the child and room – then ask the child to feel their angel standing behind them.  Ask the angel to wrap their soft wings around the child and to hold them safely like this all night.  Brilliant to alleviate nightmares and to make the child feel safe and protected all night

•    When the child goes through the terrible twos and threes –  begins to push boundaries, goes to play-school or has to re-adjust to a new environment – the green will assist with this adjustment.  Green brings the heart into any situation and helps to establish boundaries while making them feel safe in the new space.  This works for adults going through any change as well.  Also excellent to ease chest colds.

•    School going age:  when children begin to learn their ABC’s and 123’s – the yellow will help them to grasp the new concepts.  The yellow oil or spray will support them throughout their entire schooling career, helping them with concentration, focus and enabling the information to be absorbed.  It is also beneficial to use before writing exams or tests as it calms the stress and fear and brings back the memories of what they have studied (all ages).

Enjoy every moment with your precious angel – they grow up so fast.

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