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What does that mean, you may ask?  How do I know what my bliss is? 
When you think of what you have planned for today – how does that make you feel?  If you have a sense of dread or a heaviness around those tasks – do you think that is bliss?
We spend most of our waking day at work – so take a good long look at the career you have chosen.  Was this your choice?  Does it make your heart sing?  Or have you been pushed into something you detest because of sheer desparation, or perhaps it was your parent’s dream and not yours.
At the moment in South Africa, many people stay in positions they hate because they fear that if they leave this, they will never find another job.  Do you know that if you are not enjoying it, or have a huge resistance to being there – things will happen that make the working conditions worse and worse just to confirm your feelings about it. 
Why does this happen you may ask….  Well, take a moment to note just how much energy and attention you are giving to the negative.  Do you tell everyone how awful it is?  Do you dwell on what is not working for you – be it the job itself or perhaps your relationships with your boss or co-workers.  
Let me give you a little insight into what happens here. 
I ran a decorating business for 17 years, and there were aspects of this that I loved, and others that did not work for me.  I loved working with colours, fabrics and textures… I focused on corporate interiors and met some amazing people who became friends over that time.  As a decorator, I subcontracted most of the work to specialists in those fields, and this is where the difficulty came in.  I felt like I was constantly juggling and putting out fires.  The clients had  expectations and deadlines, and very often the subcontractors let me down.  The last quarter of every year was particularly difficult as everyone was under pressure to finish contracts before the builders holidays.  I knew this and kept focusing on trying to release the pressure, and yet at the same time expected the outcome…  and that was the problem….  focusing on it and trying to fix it just meant that I was giving attention to it, and my higher self obliged by giving me more and more of the stress and drama. 
Can you relate to this?  Notice what is not working in your life and how much attention you are giving to it. It could be at work, at home or in your relationships.  How much do you talk about it?
Another thing to notice is your health.  If you are in resistance, your body takes strain too, and it could be telling you something.
Here are some awesome tips to change this:
1.  When you listen to and follow your inner knowing you will always be led in the right direction.
2. Hearing about a book, course, person, remedy or new avenue more than once is your higher selfs way of telling you to take note and investigate it a bit further.  Stop procrastinating, and follow your awareness.
3.  What could you do in this 10 seconds that would make you smile.  It could be a sip of coffee, listening to happy music, dancing around the room or thinking of person or animal that holds a special place in your heart.
4.  This one is the most important of all…. STOP judging yourself and others.  Know that you are good enough and valuable enough.  Knowing this opens the energy to receiving, and receiving is a big one. Know that you deserve to receive it all…. friendshaips, support, kindness, love and abundance.
5.  What have you been striving for all this time?  Recognition from others perhaps?  What if that recognition helped to validate who you are, but at the same time has kept you small…. and what if you being willing to recognise that within yourself could change everything.  When you know, with every fibre of your being, that you are special and have everything you need within, then you will begin to look for peace and contentment instead of requiring the validation from others.
6.  We create such complications in our lives.  Sometimes this makes us look and sound important or intellegent, and what if that is no longer necessary. What if life could be simple and easy?  Feel the energy of that and if it brings up a bubble of joy or anticipation in your being, then look at how you can begin to simplify things.  Less expectation means more time for fun.
7.  If you are struggling with low energy levels, take time out to rest, listen to your bodies needs and follow it’s innate guidance.  Perhaps you would do better living at the ocean or spending more time in nature.  If you cannot leave your job just yet, make time to feed your soul in ways that support you. 
8.  Finding your sense of purpose is a big one and many people are so disconnected from themselves that they have no idea how to begin this step.  Think about what you enjoy doing the most and put more attention into this.  Do you love interacting with other, painting, gardening, or dancing.  When spending more and more time doing what you enjoy, you will spend less time focusing on what is not working for you.  Then begin thinking about how you can expand this.  Perhaps sharing it with others:  think how you can inspire or support others with your gift.  You never know – this may be the first step to creating a new business. 
9. Your health will improve and flourish when you are in your bliss.
You will find that when you follow your bliss, wonderful new doors begin to open.  You need to be aware of them so you can step through them one at a time.
Going back to my personal story….  One day in the thick of stress and fear, I picked up a book on colour therapy and every cell in my body vibrated as I read it.  I just knew that this was a new avenue to explore.  I signed up for my first course within 3 weeks, and for 4 years ran my decorating business together with the colour readings.  It took great courage to step out of the comfort zone, and in 1997 I did just that….  I closed my decorating business and comitted to helping others with their healing.  Since then I have really learned to trust my knowing, and even now – 20 years later, I am still learning, exploring and growing.  Sure there have been ups and downs, and every time I hit a downer, I know that it is time to open up and invite something new. 
My bliss is to support others in finding their wellness and passion.  I focus on empowering others by teaching the following modalities :  Colour therapy, Access Bars, Antaneea massage, Canna health and so much more.  Everytime I see someones life change, or the light in their eyes switch back on – my heart sings.  Life is a wonderful adventure and I am so so grateful.