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Finding my joy has been very challenging this month, even with color therapy at hand life can have its challenges
My 92-year-old aunt has been on death’s doorstep off and on for the past 2 years. Each time she gets really ill and debilitated. She bounces back again.  Recently she had another 2 episodes.. I was convinced it was finally her time to cross over.  Well true to form she has bounced back again.  This morning was dressed and even able to feed herself for the first time in 2 weeks.

Ruminating over this.
This has led me to think of how so many people are reluctant to let go of the past in order to find their highest joy. To make different life choices. When we hold onto the past and especially all the slights and pain we have endured over time. This puts a pause button on everything and keeps us stuck. Replaying those experiences.  Most of our thoughts are of the past and when we keep repeating and embellishing the stories.  Our higher self thinks that it is happening all over again. That this is the reality we want. So it obliges by drawing more of those similar experiences towards us. So we can keep playing with that energy.  No wonder it is so difficult to let go and move on.

I remember when I got divorced in 1985. 
I did exactly the same, and when I think about it now, I cringe in embarrassment.  When people saw me coming I am sure they wanted to duck and hide rather than listen to the endless painful stories.  And yet at that time, I knew no better. I did not know that living in joy is way easier

Thanks to the spiritual work I have done on myself over the past 30 years, everything has changed.
I have learned to let go and to truly find my joy. Learning many modalities over the years. The one that has shifted my consciousness the most are the Access Consciousness tools.  The first step is the Access Bars training, and this together with their many books gives easy guidance that relates to many different aspects of our lives. Since then I have integrated this knowledge with everything I do and teach.

I tend to be a workaholic and perfectionist and this puts so much stress on my life. 
To alleviate this, I have my ‘Bars’ run regularly and I can literally feel my body sighing in anticipation. As soon I let go and sink into the energy of blissful receiving.

Here are a few tips on how I manage my life and find my joy:
I have learned not to get hooked on trauma and drama. My own or listening to others.  I know how giving attention to the story keeps it active.  Instead, every time my mind goes into trying to solve issues or negativity of any kind. I reign it. I look for something I can be grateful for instead. This is the way to consciously train the monkey mind.  When you start looking for little things all day every day, that you can be grateful for. You start noticing how much beauty we have around us. How much we have to be grateful for.  Acknowledging them and how they make us feel. Then ending by adding this simple question:  How does it get better than this? Gratitude is a surefire way to begin changing your life.

An example of this would be :
Oh wow! I love the smell of the earth after it has rained.  it makes my heart sing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. How does it get better than this?  Or:  I have just found 50 cents on the road. Money from heaven, I am so grateful. What joy there is when you are in alignment with your highest self.  Thank you for the abundance flowing into my life.  How does it get better than this?  By the way,  I say this every time an eft payment goes into my account. Or when I get notifications on my phone.  You can do the same when you get inquiries for your business.  Don’t wait to do it only when bookings are made or orders come in.

Acknowledgment opens doors

When you get an inquiry. Acknowledge the doors are opening. That people are noticing you. For what you have to offer. Thank the universe for the abundant support that is coming your way.  This sets the stage for more and more.

Did you know that it takes 3 days to change a pattern?

So doing this all day every day for 3 days allows the higher self to let go of the negative limiting beliefs that we have held onto. This allows it to realize that we are now operating from a different perspective.  After 3 days the higher self will begin to manifest more of what you are focussing on You will begin to attract more of the yumminess life has to offer.

This does not mean that we only have to do this for 3 days to change our realities.

The more you keep looking for gratitude. The more life will flow with ease, and when it does we are mastering being in the 5th dimension. Living in joy becomes easier with color therapy.  Finding my joy with Colour therapy helped you go into fear, worry, panic or fight-and-flight mode. You are back in the lower denser 3rd-dimensional reality – where everything is a struggle.  It takes conscious awareness to realize that we have gone back there and to stop the monkey mind – distracting it with something light and easy.

This is only one of the amazing tools I have mastered

This tool is the most important, It changed my reality very quickly.  My life is now easy and joyous in all ways. Since I turned to find my joy with color therapy. Especially when I get stressed or anxious about anything – including the emotional turmoil we are going through with my beloved aunt, this is my default setting which helps me let go and trust the process. Using Oils of illumination can also assist in freeing energy

I hope finding my joy with Colour Therapy has been helpful.

Even though it is something I have spoken about before. Hearing something often eventually allows it to sink in and become a reality. Iif you would like more, please don’t hesitate to join one of my classes.

Have a magic month beautiful being, until next time