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This is such an interesting and for many a terrifying time to be on the planet right now,  and yet, on a deep soul level, we chose to be here at this time. For me it feels like the entire planet is in shock and all the beings around me have gone into a holding pattern.  Can you resonate with that?  It is like we are all holding our breaths and waiting to see what will unfold.  Everyone seems to have bunkered down and gone into hiding.  Think of this energetically.  If we are very very quiet… not making a sound… maybe the big bad wolf out there wont see us, and then we wont be the next target.


The full moon on the 28th October is called a blood moon – and it is an eclipse.  How relevant it is for what is happening right now.  Planetary alignments around the time of full moons heighten specific energies (related to the planets at play) and give us opportunities for growth.  You can either ignore them and not take much notice or you can use the energy to create magic or make significant changes. They are like doorways or portals in time and the energy continues to affect us for 2 weeks after – so just be aware.  Notice what is happening around you and within you as well – as everything is a mirror and works on reflections.  What happens within – is mirrored without and visa versa.


You can see the warrior and ego energy at play… who is boss, who will win and dominate, the blood bath, the fear, panic and the feelings of helpnessness.  How does this relate to us personally?  This is where deep shadow work would be helpful.  What have we buried so deep and have not wanted to look at?  It takes courage to acknowledge and be willing to work with our deepest stuff – and can be immensely liberating once uncovered and released.


There’s a lot being revealed during this time and sometimes it’s really in our faces like we get fired or a relationship ends or someone dies, or our business fails.  Those are really kind of common events that happened but it’s not always loud in our faces like that, sometimes it’s more subtle sometimes it’s that we need to take a moment.  This would be a really good practice during this full moon eclipse, to take a moment and feel into what feels right for you.  Go over the last month, what’s been the theme in your life. What is it that  keeps showing up and where has your attention been pulled?


In this missive – I will be focusing on our personal layers that are buried in our bodies rather than the giving attention to the external drama.  Only because I feel that while we are giving huge amounts of attention and judgement to the story – we are feeding the beast and it grows.

So… lets look at our beautiful bodies that we judge, condemn and try so hard to force change upon.  The more we do this – the more it locks up and goes into resistance.  Like a child that has been neglected and admonished and is locked in the tunnels of our subconscious.  What terrorises you and where is it held in our body? Our gut holds anxiety, stress and fear, the liver and gallbladder hold anger and bitterness and the kidneys are linked to our emotions.  Are these in discord at the moment?  Do a mental body scan and gently feel into each area and notice how it feels right now.  You may get a visual, a colour or a feeling of blockage or heaviness in the different areas.


Dont judge it – just go into whatever is coming up for you.  Notice the story that is unfolding within your minds eye.  Who are the people?  Do you recognise them or not? They could relate to past lives, ancestral lessons or sacred soul contracts that we agreed to.  What is the story that is unfolding and more importantly what emotion comes up as you watch the senario.  Your higher self remembers everything you have ever experienced and as it is coming forward you are being given the opportunity to heal it and shift it out of your reality.  Focus on what you are still working on that needs to be released and let go of.  This could be your key which will open the door to understanding.  You may need a therapist to support you through this – so write it all down and find someone you trust to guide you.  I have done some amazing work with this, and am happy to support you too.


For some people they see colours.  It could be one dominant colour or many colours that come in and out of their mind. Here are a few parts of the body and the colours that I feel would support them:  Heart and lungs – Olive, Grief  – Violet,  Gut – Yellow, Liver and gallbladder – Red, Kidneys – Orange

I have so much information on each colour and what it means – so please click on the links above or if you have seen a colour I have not mentioned then click here to take a deep dive into the message behind each colour.


If you feel a sludginess or heaviness in any area or organ of the body  – it is a message from your body that something here needs attention.  Check out this list and see if you can find the colour associated with it – and then check out the colour wheel again to get some insight into the message.


What are the conscious and unconscious belief systems that you need to let go of, what are the unconscious fears that you have that are holding you back from your greatest expression.

A lot is being revealed during this time which forces change on us. Sometimes it’s really obvious like you loose your job or a relationship ends or someone close to you dies.  These are tangible events, but most of the time they are a lot more subtle. So take a moment and feel into what needs to be released and what feels right for you.  Go over the last months, and notice what the theme has been in your life. What is it that keeps showing up and where has your attention been pulled?  Have you been in survival mode and stressing about finances, health or your safety?  Did you know that the more you give attention to the issues – the more they solidify in your reality.  Distract your obsessive mind by focusing on what you can be grateful for instead – even if it is the smallest, simplest things, and ask for more of that yumminess to show up in your life.


To help shift things out of your body – you need to first be firmly IN your body.  So many of us feel more comfortable floating in the stars rather than being firmly grounded – especially when we dont feel safe.  Spend time outdoors, sink your hands deep into the soil and thank the earth for her loving support.  Walk barefoot on the earth and MOVE…. moving your body will nourish you during this big shift. It could be a gentle swaying, walking or more strenuos excercises.  Do whatever is comfortable and easy for you and especially something that you enjoy.

It is also a really good time to be doing physical detoxes, food detoxes, energy detoxes.  Slow down, empty out your environment, empty out your mind, empty out your body.  Really let a purging of what no longer serves you to happen. You can start with something like cleaning your closet – that’s a good doorway into deeper releasing.

Ask for help, go for gentle and supportive bodywork and any kind of guided journeys that take you into the unconscious territory which will support you in letting go of unconscious patterns and belief systems.


To ease the tension on the planet please open your hearts wide.  Pray a lot, inviting higher levels of support in all its infinite wisdom for the good of ALL.

Ask the warrior within to go beyond ego desires to fight for the greatest good of all.   Feel into that for yourself too. Step into your power from the highest place that you can.  We’re all headed toward our greater evolution so follow your bliss, follow what lights you up and what turns you on. don’t waste time and energy on all the distractions happening in the world.  Focus on holding your own space and make it as safe, peaceful, loving and supportive as you possibly can and then send that energy as ripples of possibility around the world.

This could be an amazing time to set the foundations for something new, start to plan, what it is that lights you up the most.  What will give you purpose, open your heart and make a significant difference in your life and beyond?  Your soul is longing for its greatest expressions of love whatever that is.

From my heart to yours always