Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

My path crossed with that of Penni Du Plessis, founder of Divine Space and the beautiful Oils and Sprays of Transformation in the late 1990’s. Much of my own growth and spiritual development has been as a result of Penni’s work. There are a few people on this planet from whom I have no secrets and Penni is one of them. Penni’s amazing Antaneea Therapy together with the Oils of Transformation have helped me to clear blockages and “stuff”. “Stuff” is what we insist on hanging onto – that holds us back from being true to who and what we are, of living fully in our lives, embracing change and challenge.While being a gentle, loving but powerful healer, therapist and teacher, Penni has a great sense of fun and the naughtiest emails I receive are generally from her! (Who said being spiritual had to be serious!)
Di Atherton