Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Divine Space has developed a unique range of products that combine colour therapy, aromatherapy oils and crystal vibrations together with sound and geometry.

What Makes Them Special?

Each  ‘Light Matrix Oil’ contains 7 different aromatherapy oils, which have been carefully selected to enhance and resonate with the healing properties required for that oil.  We pride ourselves in a quality product and never compromise by using cheap essential oils.

We only use oils of the highest quality and vibration and we are sure that these inclusions, together with the way they are made and energised, play an important role in the fact that we get so many amazing responses to our products.

These oils are literally like magic in a bottle and when used daily as either bath or body oils, they gently and effectively begin to address the emotional issues that have been stored throughout our lives.  These locked and hidden issues affect our behaviour and responses in situations, and eventually repercuss as physical imbalances of the body.


Here are a few stories from satisfied users:

Eased Lower Back Pain

I recently used the Orange light matrix oil on my lower back after lots of heavy work in the garden. It took the weight off that area so instantly it was amazing. It was as if it immediately lightened any emotions around being unsupported (which is an issue in my life) so I was just left with a bit of muscle soreness (which was understandable after the work I had done!)

Thank you so much for creating such amazing and powerful oils.

Much Love  Tania

Cough and Chest Conjestion

My daughter has had a very bad cough for about 2 weeks.  No medicine really helped.  I used the blue ‘Light Matrix’ on her throat and the olive ‘Light Matrix oil’ on her chest this morning and after one use she is much better tonight.  I just put more on again before she went to bed. How much healthier can she get overnight? 


Stress and Overwhelm

I met with Candice in November last year in serious need of grounding and getting back in touch with my body and letting go of toxic feelings/stress/concern. I had gone through years of health problems, work stresses, and living far away from my family so coping with health and work issues has been rather taxing.

Since my Antaneea Technique sessions with Candice, and use of the oils she recommended, my life has taken a complete 180 turn. I left my job and started my own business (no longer need to feel that I am not good enough nor do I have to behave in a way that goes against my beliefs and morals), I bought a house in the UK so no stress with housemates, I have let go of certain ‘friends’ who were bringing me down and been very honest verbally with my feelings instead of internalising (which is what I would usually do). I haven’t been inside a hospital since January which is a real achievement.

This is just the beginning however I am finally in a position to take back the control of my life and well being. 

I am really looking forward to my next trip to SA in November for follow up sessions with Candice

There are many more amazing testimonials  – please check them out.


To really understand the products and what they offer, there are various ways you can do this

1.  Check out our colour wheel and click on each colour. A lot of information will be given on how that colour relates to the person on both a positive note, or to support their challanges.  You can print this out and create your own reference material, which can be shared with a client when they choose that colour.

2.  The second option is the 3 day ‘Magic of Colour’ training which goes deeply into each colour.  After this intensive training, the therapist will be able to offer their clients an insightful 9 bottle colour assessment.  Each colour choice relates to a different  part of the clients life, and looks at where they are mastering issues, and where the obstacles are – the therapist would then advise the client on which product would best support them at this time.  An added benefit would be to use those colours on the client in a deeply supportive massage treatment.

3.  Divine Space also teaches their signature ‘Antaneea Technique treatment which was developed by Penni du Plessis.  This 4 day training is a hands-on very gentle massage therapy that incorporates 12 coloured oils, sound healing, energy healing and so so much more.  It works on a soul level and transports both the client and therapist  another dimension.  If you are ready to change your life – then this one is for you.


What if we have only touched the tip of the iceberg of what is possible?  Most Spas have been focussing on the beauty and relaxation side of the business – perhaps now is the time to take this a step further and introduce a level of consciousness and spiritual understanding to the mix.  What if this could offer the client a balancing that could expand their lives far beyond their imaginings. And what if this work could support the therapist as much as it would support the client?  Penni at Divine Space would love to show you how.