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Have you experienced walking into a room and instantly feeling nauseous, frustrated, depressed or generally like you have the heeby jeebies? Our sensitive human bodies respond to subtle external energy frequencies and influences, as well as energies from the spirit realms. In this way we pick up the unseen vibrations in the space.  I am not referring to the sensationalist Ghost Buster type entities, but rather subtle energetic imprints that surround people or traces thereof (fragments or entities) that are left in a space after someone has moved or passed away. If you move into a new home and the previous owner was particularly negative, aggressive, ill or addictive – their energetic imprint is left in the space until it is cleared.

It is important to clear the space before that energy begins to affect you and your family.  In fact, everyone can benefit from doing regular space clearings. We pick up stuff from work and from other people in our space.  When you are ill or stressed, your natural defenses are lower and you are more susceptible to taking things on or being susceptible to psycic interference.

This article offers an easy, step by step guide that you can do yourself.  This allows you to take responsibility for your space and allows you to re-do it when necessary.  I usually do the whole ritual once or twice a year, and then once you have done the initial cleansing ritual, regularly use the Angel sprays around yourself to assist in strengthening your aura and building your natural defense mechanism (daily or weekly – depending on the energy in the environment).

Using the Angels of Transformation sprays is an extremely effective way of bringing light into any space – thereby dispelling any sludgy or negative vibration or entity.


•    Sometimes when people visit your home or office – if they are particularly angry or negative, they may leave a residue of that energy in your space.  You will be aware of this because your energy level drops, your mood changes or you will begin to behave the same way they do.  This is a very subtle energy so look out for it.  Be aware that we all leave energetic imprints wherever we go.

•    In the case of a stuck entity or fragments of a lower vibration that has not moved on – you will find that the people living or working in the environment may struggle with their moods, energy levels or have addictive behaviour that can’t be shifted. This energy could also cause blockages in your finances or projects that just wont come to fruition.

•    Children are extremely sensitive to energy, and you may find that they do not want to be in a specific room or have constant nightmares.

•    There may be a definite temperature drop in different corners or areas of a room.

•    If you are psychically aware you may feel ghosts or entities in a room.


I use the following Divine Space Angel Sprays:

1.    Clear – Angel of Illumination spray, Red – Earth Angel spray & Gold – Angel of Ascension spray (optional – great for removing negative entities)

2.    A box of Epsom salts
3.    Bowls (one for each room)
4.    Tin foil
5.    Surgical spirits
6.     Incense or smudge sticks – white sage is my favorite
7.    High vibrational music (Gregorian chants, Tibetan bowls, Indian Mantras etc)


Intent is the most important – so above all do not dwell on the issue and build fear around it – as that will feed the energy and make it harder to clear.  Remember energy follows thought, so by talking or thinking about it – you re-create the dynamic.  Do the clearing work and KNOW that it has shifted.

The Angelic realm is also waiting to support you but cannot do so unless asked to do so.  Invite Archangel Michael into the space to help you.  He is the Angel of protection, so when invoking his presence, ask him to help you protect your home and all who live in it.   After the clearing call on him regularly and imagine him standing with his massive blue sword of protection over the home, family and vehicles.


Begin by breathing deeply and centering yourself.  Set the intention that you are anchoring a pyramid of absolute clear light over the environment and that only the light is welcome in that space. Call in Archangel Michael to help you and ask him to protect you as well. While doing the space clearing, ask that he creates a vortex of light which will remove anything that is of either a lower vibration, or that no longer serves you.

First spray the clear  – Angel of Illumination spray over yourself and onto your hands, so that you are a clear channel for the work.

Light a stick of white sage incense in every room.

Then place a strip of tin foil into the bowl with a handful of Epsom salts and sprinkle the salts with the surgical spirits. (make sure not to use too much spirits or it will dissolve the salts).  Loosen the salts with a fork.  You will need a separate bowl for each room.

Spray the red Earth Angel spray around yourself as a protective barrier.  Pray for guidance and  call in higher support, then  light the Epsom salts (one room at a time).

Invite the Angel of Illumination to help draw light into the room, while the Red Earth Angel, assists with protecting your energy.

•    While it is burning notice sparking that occurs – this is the absorption of the negativity.  When the flame goes out – have a look at the colour of the salts – if very black this is an indication of the amount of negativity that has been absorbed.  You will need to do it again (note the reduction of black spots as the negativity is being absorbed and cleared).  NB: do not touch the salts.

•  Should you feel uneasy at any point in the process – use the Gold spray – this invites Christ energy into the room and is very cleansing.

•    After the flame has gone out – fold the salts into the tin foil – making sure to touch only the foil and not the salts, then throw it into your outside bin.

•    When the burning is complete light incense and leave it burning in every room.

•    Then walk around the home and spray the clear Angel Spray everywhere calling on the angelic light into the space.  This will polish the energy.

•    Visualise Michael’s spiral vortex of light in the room while you do this.  See it collecting and drawing out any residue that is no longer welcome in the space.

When that ritual is complete, use the Angel of Illumination Spray liberally around the environment regularly to keep it clear.  If there are many negative people in the environment – this can be done daily.  If your home – then once a week is good.

This ritual is usually taught in the Magic of Colour training, if you would like to learn more, please have a look at the workshops I offer.

Sending you a rainbow of light and blessings