Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

I am an intuitive healer and the owner of The Firefly Room based in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. I have attended all of your courses and use the tools learned in my healing practice.  I personally been using and asking my clients to use the magnificent Light Matrix oils and Angel sprays made by Penni for almost 10 years,  After all this time, I am still blown away by how transformative and supportive these beautiful products are.  They are truly exceptional and unique.  You can feel the authenticity and love that has been poured into the making of them and they are a gift to yourself and others that continue to give.

Using the oils and sprays is like paying it forward to yourself as you indulge in the deliciousness they offer every time you annoint your body with their magic.  You can literally feel every cell in your body thanking you for the soothing calming and unconditional nurturing they invite.

They are already pre-mixed for you with high quality essential oils that it take the pressure off your having to mix your own.  They are based on colour therapy and that is another wonderful layer of healing that they offer.

I would highly recommend that you incorporate them into your daily routine, allowing new levels of possibilities into your life.