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Helleluya, at last the energy has shifted – TANGIBLY – for me anyway.  Finally a shift and huge lightening of the energy.


One of the analogies that I have always used in my teachings with relation to the colour Violet is of the emergence of the butterfly from it’s cocoon, and the huge transformation that the caterpillar has to undergo in order to finally fly.  This equates to our spiritual growth and is not to be taken lightly.  Voicing this story and having it your head however, is very different from actually going through it, and for some it truly felt like experiencing the dark night of the soul.  Can you relate?  Or have you seen family or friends go through this?  I went through this myself.  Where I felt that I was was stripped bare and left utterly vulnerable.  Clients stopped coming which made me question my role on the planet.  Classes shrunk in size and a lot of my usual support systems gone… and … and …. and….  And I felt immobilised and unable to find the energy or inspiration to get myself out of it.  I had ideas, started projects and new offerings, but they were all incomplete.


And then I saw a wonderful post on the planetary alignment by my dear friend Elizabeth Bardin where she talked about the energy shifts on the planet.  In a nutshell we have moved from a huge amount of intensity and stress, where Pluto brought up everything that had not been completed, with Jupiter expanding everything (including all that intensity), until I felt like an elastic band about to snap. And the message was that all that is required of us to just to surrender completely.


There was also a reference to what may have happened in our lives 12 years ago, and that was the biggest aha moment for me. At that time my business also went through a very quiet phase, and this was the catalyst for me to include a new modality into my offerings, which changed my life completely.  And lo and behold, here we are again – coming around full circle.  So change is being catalysed once again, and I got off my resistant behind, and began to anchor the new work that had been perculating within my being for the past couple of years.


The new process that I have now birthed is called Regeneration and I am so excited about this development.  It was prompted by my soul and has activated a regeneration within myself as well as those amazing beings who have experienced it so far.  The most awesome thing about it is that I feel alive again.  Alive, excited and motivated… feelings that I have not had for the past 3 years.  This work is soft, gentle and extremely loving.  We chat first to see what hurdle you would like to work with and then I take you through a gentle meditative process where we invite your soul to step in and facilitate change.  It incorporates sound, one of my divine oils, infinity key symbols and a heart to heart connection.  Each client requires something different, and I am guided by their needs on to how I work and what is included in the treatment, and everyone experiences a massive opening of their heart.  I cannot explain this treatment any more than that – you just have to feel the energy of it and if you get a ‘ping’ then come and give it a try.


What I have noticed is that my products are lighter and brighter – even ones on the other side of the world – as they are also taking on the new energy that I am holding.  In a treatment I work in 2 ways with this.  Either in-person where your body is included, or on-line – where the session is verbal and energetic.  I am also excited to be offering the first group healing in this on 24th June (in-person) and 8th July (on-line).  Gosh I really am stepping into the new energy with the on-line offering.  Scary but necessary. Please be patient with me as I learn my way around this.  (booking for either of these and my other offerings are in the Course Diary.)


The current planetary influences focuses on Jupiter (the planet of expansion).
Jupiter magnifies – so it can either magnify the overwhelm/past trauma, or magnify the new.
So remember that whatever you focus on will be magnified.  Best to practice the NEW HABIT of focusing on the Heart, instead of resisting with the Mind.  The Mind now has to follow the lead and direction of the Heart.
And because all these planets are in the sign of Taurus, this is not just a mental concept like before, it is real and and you need to anchor this new way into the body.


I have to tell you that I still (even after all these years), doubt and question myself every now and again, especially when starting something new.  I think this keeps me humble and grounded, so I really value all the amazing feedback and responses that have been shared with me.  I truly feel that this treatment is raising our vibration into the 5th dimension.


And last but not least, I seem to be seeing less of all you beautiful peeps on FB.  If you are still there, but are not seeing my posts.  I would really appreciate you searching for me and dropping a comment occassionaly.  This will keep us connected and gives us the opportunity to spread our magic around.  I have 2 pages, my own Penni du Plessis page as well as a Divine Space page.

I hope you are also feeling more optomistic about the future and easier within yourself.  If you need support – our team of awesome therapists are here to guide, love and support you on your journey.

Until next time

Magical, colourful blessings sent to you