Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Access Your Body

Have you attended the Access Bars training and love the tools of Access?  They have certainly turned my life around in so many ways.  If you would like to add more to your toolbox, did you know there were over 50 different body processes that address many different physical and emotional issues?
The Body Processes are amazing hands-on processes (no massage and no removal of clothing) – just laying your hands on the body and asking the process to run. They are simple and easy, like switching on the lights… As you run the process the body lights up and the cells respond and resonate with the work being done.  Adding clearing statements to the mix, makes it truly magical.
This is a half day training that offers a new tool each time.
Would you like to come and play with us for a morning, where you will earn how to use it?  These are wonderful interactive mornings, once a month, where we support each other, are reminded about the access ways of seeing and doing life  AND be given many new clearing statements to add to your reference materials.
Having first done the Access Bars training would be supportive.

Positional HEPADS

Positional HEPADS are what you create with every fixed point of view you take.
HEPADS stands for: (Handicapping, Entropy, Paralysis, Atrophy, Destruction) and relate to a fixed position you took about any subject, where you lock it in and handicap yourself about what can occur in your life.  You created entropy, which is creating chaos out of what was order before.  You create paralysis where you are unable to function.  You create an atrophy in which you start to break down the structure so that it cannot be generative. Then you create destruction.
These are the five elements of what occurs every time you take a fixed position about anything.  How many times have you created and drawn towards you only what you expect in life?  Is it now time to blast all of those expectations out of existance?


Class Information:

Saturday 26th January 2019
Times:  09:00 – 13:00
Divine Space, 28 Francois Avenue, Bordeaux, Johannesburg
Price:  R700

Contact Penni to book your space –