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My dearest Penni

I just want to say Thank You for the way you enrich my life. I know we don’t see a lot of each other these days. But your influence, love and support over the years has been so special. I remember the very first appointment I had with you, here in White River, when you were first making your oils and how they and you have grown and developed to the beautiful, vibrant, powerful oils and sprays they are today. I remember the first time I saw the new range at that Holistic Fair and was just blown away by their magnificence. I just had to have them! They are part of my daily life now, even though I do not use them as a therapist, they still have huge value and importance for me.

You are so loving, so kind, so generous and compassionate and yet completely honest and down to earth. And you have a killer sense of humour!

There are no sides to you. You strive to be the best that you can be, you acknowledge your human frailties and never pretend to be anything you are not. read more


Penni’s Story

penni DecIt was 1993, and I will never forget first standing in front of the display of coloured oils and feeling like I had come home. Then came the insightful and spot-on revelations that were shared with me through my choices of the coloured bottles – it was as if the therapist could see into the deepest parts of my soul. She tapped immediately into the areas I had been hiding so carefully for so long – the hidden hurts and disappointments. The way I had neglected and rejected myself after my divorce, believing that I was not good enough. Even the illnesses I kept repeating came up and she explained gently how they were caused by the unresolved emotions.

Most importantly, I was so excited to see what potential was waiting for me should I choose to work toward it.

I had run a decorating business for 17 years, so colour was an integral part of my life.  Learning how colour affects us in many different ways – truly spoke to my soul, and as you can imagine, I became hooked on colour and decided that I needed to learn all there was to know. I studied with the Academy of Colour Therapeutics in the UK as a Colour Therapist and within 2 years became a teacher, healing myself in the process and have used colour therapy constantly since then.

I believe that I am always divinely guided and have learned to trust my instincts and be open to any new opportunities that come my way. Part of this natural progression through the rainbow was a yearning to use colour in a deeper way. I have been led to amazing teachers and guides and this unfolded in a system called The Antaneea Technique which I put together in 1997. .  This truly amazing and gentle massage therapy is done with the use of 12 different coloured oils which are massaged on the body.  I knew that in order to deeply support a treatment that was my very own – every aspect of it needed to hold my energy.  So, this led  me to creating my own range of oils and Angel sprays to support this work.

When making these products, each step of the process is sacred.

The Oils combine a perfect balance of 7 – 9 different essential oils of the highest vibration, together with sound vibrations, sacred geometry, crystal energy, divine invocations, crystal grids and pyramids – all held in an infusion of the purest of carrier oils (macadamia, sweet almond, baobab and evening primrose oils).

The Angel sprays are made with anything from 10 – 25 different flower and plant oils in a pure water base.  No alcohol or preservatives are used in any of my products.

Each one is hand made and poured by myself and only 20 bottles are made at a time, with each one blessed and held in light and love.  I take great responsibility to make sure that I am in a good space when making them, as these energies will be passed on to anyone who uses the products.

ANTANEEA TECHNIQUE MASSAGE:   This therapy combines the bodies yearning for safe loving physical touch together with colour and sound. Every living being, whether animal or human needs loving touch or it withers and dies – maybe not physically but definitely emotionally. During this therapy the back of the body is massaged 3 times, with reverence and love using a combination of coloured oils. Doing this begins to align the physical, emotional and spirit bodies. The trained therapist is taught to read the body during the process, so that she can help you to uncover hidden or buried memories locked within the cells. Why would you want to do this? You may ask. I believe that we have all chose certain lessons to master during our lifetime. Most often we are unconscious of them, but somehow we keep drawing experiences towards us that keep bringing up the same emotional response. For some it may be feelings of rejection, or betrayal, abuse issues or poverty etc….

As we access the hidden memories, the idea is not to get lost back in the trauma, but to identify what patterns of emotions hide behind the incidents. This way we acknowledge our own innate lessons. Being aware is the first step towards empowering ourselves, so that we can choose not to get caught in the same loop over and over again.
The client is completely and lovingly supported during this process. For some it is an emotional release for others an easy process, but for all it leaves them feeling more aware and lighter once they release the excess baggage they have been carrying for so long.

The use of sound during the treatment awakens the cells and leaves them vibrating with new life. This is a truly transformational treatment and often people’s lives take a completely new direction once they are aligned in this way.

COLOUR READINGS:  When one of my clients asked me to teach her how to do colour readings using my bottles, this spurred another interesting path in my journey.  I created a system of analysis which brings in a soul perspective.  The client is gently taken into a relaxed or meditative process and is guided to choose 9 bottles.  Each bottle represents a different part of their life, and this counseling session is truly enlightening – identifying their obstacles, blockages and resistances as well as the gifts and potentials that are waiting for them (see Magic of Colour for more information on training).


The melding of the Access Consciousness tools with my existing offerings has opened up a whole new way of…. well….. EVERYTHING… It is like I have taken on a whole new lease on life, and am loving every step of the journey. I was drawn to
the Access teachings at a time in my life when everything had come to a standstill. This often happens when I am being nudged to find a new way, and boy, did Access open me up to an avalanche of new tools, ways of thinking and expansion in my life.

Learning and then teaching the Access Bars was the first step. This easy one day training teaches you how to balance the brain to clear or re-boot the mind. There are 32 points on the head, and each point relates to a different part of the brain. By gently holding these you begin to clear all the points of view, judgements and issues you have built up over time that relate to that specific point. This is a deeply relaxing therapy that enhances your moods, your clarity of thought, mental ability and creativity…

My journey with Access began in 2012, and I am still loving every moment, and creating amazing new possibilities. I have completed many different Access courses, including the Body Process training. This excites me the most of all, as I have always known that pouring love onto the body and into the cells, is what each being yearns for. And now, here are tools that make it so simple and yet create enormous and dynamic change.

I love sharing these with my team of therapists (and anyone else who is interested) – giving them new tools they can offer their clients. These amazing hands on processes (no massage and no removal of clothing) – just laying your hands on the body and running the processes… are so simple and easy to do, like switching on the lights… As you run the process the body lights up and the cells respond and resonate with the work being done.

I offer two new process a month, adding to the toolbox of support we can all offer to our family, friends and clients.

I am passionate about healing and expanding consciousness on the planet, and love sharing with anyone who is willing to listen. My life has done a 360 degree turnaround – and I believe in sharing what I have learned with others, so they can benefit too. Lets work together to see our world in a whole new way… one ripe with possibilities and opportunities.
See validation of how the Bars affects the neurons in the brain by clicking on this link:

Neuroscientist & Access The Bars * the proof of what we have always known possible..

I love what I do and am passionate about colour, energy healing, and sharing my knowledge with others.

I have structured a series of workshops and courses to open you up to this amazing kaleidoscope. Please browse through them all and choose one that speaks to your soul.