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Let me share with you how a combination of Access Bars and Colour therapy could enhance the lives of ADD or ADHD children or adults.

Many people contact me and ask which colour remedy they should use for a specific imbalance or ailment. This is asking for a quick fix and hoping that I can wave a magic wand for them. However, I am always amazed at what unfolds when they choose their own – simply by being drawn to a specific colour at the time.

dispay newThey choose from my vast array of coloured oils and sprays – which each have their own unique balancing properties. The personal choice taps into their own emotional issues which they are now ready to address – and when using it regularly as a bath or body oil, it eases the physical symptoms too.


A case in point is an ADD child who chose a red oil. Everything in me screamed NOOO!!! I knew the blue oil would help him focus and relax or the yellow for increased concentration and self-confidence. My thinking was that the red would make him really overactive and bounce off the walls. I have learned however to trust and allow, and the only cautionary advise I gave his mom was not to use it at night as he would not sleep. We were both amazed at the results. The child who usually zoned out and lived in his own inner world, became more grounded, more active and was more interested in interacting with others. How does it get better than that?

Added to that we began to run his Bars regularly, and the results were simply amazing.

So what is running the Bars? During this simple and highly effective treatment I cradle the client’s head in my hands for about an hour. During that time my finger positions change in order to touch 32 different points on the head – which each relate to a different issue, emotion and belief that is stored in the brain. While doing this I either silently or verbally begin to clear the stored memories – almost like wiping the blackboard, or de-fragging the brain. This is a highly relaxing treatment and most people fall into a deep sleep. At the end of the session they feel more aware, more creative and more relaxed, and … best of all, they begin to respond to life in a very different way.

ac bars

Here is a testimonial from Louise Derksen, a Bars practitioner in the USA, and how she uses the tool with her ADD child

Early in the school year I was called into the school, one call of the many I get.  My son was sitting at a desk in the hallway with the teacher, assistant teacher and the principal standing over him explaining and setting out step by step how to write a paragraph on a topic (Grade 6 level).   I got the low down of what was going on, he wasn’t able to start or keep going with his writing.  He had only written two sentences in over 30 minutes.  My son, looked bewildered and like a deer in the headlights with 3 adults talking at him.  I asked him what’s going on and he said simply, “they are asking too much, I can’t do it, I suck”.

“Can I run your Bars?” I asked.


I run his Bars and his body relaxes, his head comes up off the desk, and all the heaviness of not being able to meet all those expectations began to blow off.  He sighs, his mood lightens up, I don’t say anything, just hold his Bars.   I don’t try to tell him what he has to do, I don’t ask him why he can’t or isn’t doing the work, I don’t console him or make it right or better, I don’t speculate on his ability to do the work or not, I don’t pep talk him into ‘you can do it’, or what to do next time.  I just run his Bars.  And he starts talking about his writing topic.  And then he starts writing …

Running Bars isn’t a cure for Learning Disabilities, ADHD, OCD and all the rest.  Running Bars relaxes the body, relaxes the mind, dissipates the ‘I suck’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m useless’, ‘I’m letting everyone down’ emotions and thoughts that prevent children  from starting or continuing with the task they are doing. Running Bars creates the ease and space for them to put pieces of the puzzle together without being overwhelmed by all the information at once.  It lifts the cloud they are trying to think through and allows them to access the information, other possibilities, choices and awareness they know is there, somewhere.

My son used to take an hour to start his homework with a tsunami of anger, hopelessness, despair, anxiety and self-hatred, with the Bars this changed to starting homework in 10 to 15 minutes with minimal frustration and keeping on track with what he is doing.  Each time I ran his Bars while he’s in the “mood” or stressed and under pressure the less intense these behaviours would show up next time.  And yes, this works on husbands and partners too.

I’ve had tutors, teachers and friends comment about how much my son has changed, how much older than his years he is, what an amazing sense of self he has, and man, is he funny!!

I’m not looking for grades or work production, I’m running his Bars, and asking him questions to create self-awareness without self-immolation; if you choose this or that, what will create more for you?  What does work for you?  How do you make this fun for you?  What do you require right now to complete this?  What information are you missing or looking for that will get this moving forward again?  My target is to continue to generate and create self-awareness for myself and my children about what does work for them and how wonderfully talented they truly are, even if there is no grading system for that …

Would you like to give this combination I try? You don’t have to be ADD either…. It works for anyone, of any age or disposition. All you would need is a willingness to change and to allow new possibilities. I also run regular workshops and could teach you how to do this for your own family, friends or even as a new career choice…. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. Penni@divinespace.co.za * Divine Space Colour Therapy and Consciousness Training Academy

Check out this youtube clip too – scientific proof of how this gentle modality creates change in the brain:

Neuroscientist & Access The Bars

http://ow.ly/LzGkM * the proof of what we have always known possible..