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Over the years, Penni du Plessis has been featured in many magazines in South Africa and the UK.  Radio interviews and TV talk shows which include 3 Talk, Spirit Sunday and Bloudruk.  To see a little of what she has to offer – please click on one of the links below:

Penni at Divine Space

Welcome to Penni’s world of colour and consciousness. Get a taste of what she offers here

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Colour Therapy training for personal healing and growth

This clip explains how you can use colour to support your life – Colour counselling and Antaneea Massage

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Access Consciousness Bars

What if there was something that was easy to learn, gives you clarity and peace of mind, and could change your life? Welcome to the Access Bars and the space to BE...

Posted by Access Consciousness on Friday, November 20, 2015

Access Consciousness Bars

Check out this clip to see what Access Bars can do for you.  This modality is easy to learn and the sessions you can offer after attending the course are a deeply relaxing defrag and reboot your brain.  This can change your whole world – if you are willing.

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Conscious Life Magazine

Penni du Plessis is a regular contributor. Click below to read her article in this edition of the Conscious Life Magazine