Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

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Certified Therapists 
Glebe NSWElizabeth Strickland+61 295 662 666Antaneea Therapist and teacher. Colour readings
Divine Space
Bordeaux South Randburg
Penni du Plessis082 900-8024
Principle, Manufacturer, Distributor & Teacher of all modalities. For sessions please choose a therapist below
MelvilleLee-Anne Shaw Newland082 460 3090
Antaneea Therapist & teacher. Magic of colour teacher, Bars practitioner
RivoniaCarol Watson082 401 8279
Antaneea therapy, Colour Readings, Bars and Body processes, Energetic facelift
Sharonlea / Randburg (near Northgate)Chetna Madoo082 717 6669
Antaneea therapist, Access Bars & Body Processes. Energetic facelift
Eagle Canyon - HoneydewDenese Rorke082 923 1037
Antaneea Therapist, Access Bars, Body processes and Energetic Facelift
Alberton BrackenhurstRoxanne de Lange082 927-2777Antaneea Therapist & Colour Readings
BenmoreMarina Botha083 440 3740 
Antaneea therapist, Access Bars & body processes, Energetic facelift
WoodmeadHelen Mattisson083 321 6404
Antaneea therapist, Colour Readings, Access Bars and Body processes
Virginia Bottega082 768 5895
Colour Readings, Access Bars & Body process practitioner
Bryanston, JhbLyn Room082 902 0679
Access Bars & Body Processes,
Energetic facelift
Colour readings
KelvinAngela Croft082 673 4618
Antaneea therapist
Blairgowrie / LindenCarey Fisher-Gietzman 082 468 6057
Antaneea therapist, Colour Readings, Access Bars
Bramley, Jhb
Tanja Moolman083 200 7641
Access Bars and Body processes, energetic facelift
Fontainebleau - RandburgMichael Lewis082 685 3706
Colour readings, Access Bars & body processes. Colour massage
Malanshof, RandburgVivienne Burt082 8281923
Access Bars & Body processes
Ferndale, RandburgThanusha Moodley079 523 6270Access Bars
Orange Grove
Gail Spencer082 824 3829
Access Bars and Body processes, energetic facelift
Greenstone HillSylvanna Cheketri083 440 7032
Access Bars
SunninghillFazila Bizior084 777 7204
Antaneea therapist, Colour readings, Magic of Colour teacher
Access Bars & Body processes
Energetic facelift
Paulshof, JhbFaieza Motalib082 532 3464
Colour massage, Access Bars & body processes, Energetic facelift. Colour readings
Blairgowrie, JhbAngela Whitehouse084 588 5312Access Bars, Energetic Facelift, Colour therapy
Fourways and Midrand area - Therapist will come to youTammy Weatherilt072 864 2999
Colour readings & Access Bars
Traveling therapists - Rivonia & East RandMaretha van Tonder082 571 5269
Access Bars
BryanstonTracey Murphy082 744 3201
Antaneea Therapist
Lonehill - JhbSue Maitland083 680 5683
Access Bars therapist
NorthcliffFiona Dobrovolsky073 713 9605
Colour therapist
Edenvale Margaret Rose083 800 5708
Bars practitioner, Energetic facelift, Access body process
EdenvaleDanielia van Heerden084 619 6317Antaneea Therapist - children' Access Bars
EdenvaleBea Barbeli073 515 6570Antaneea Therapist
BoksburgStefnie Meyer082 944 4542Antaneea therapist, Access Bars & Body processes
BoksburgVanessa Quin083 785 1646
Access Bars
Benoni - NorthmeadChristalla Soufis076 732 6851
Access Bars
Lambton, Germiston JhbHelen de Oliviera Reis084 497 7005
Energetic facelift
Winchester Hills, Jhb SouthLynnie Blessings081 409 7544
Access Bars, Energetic facelift
Walkerville - Jhb SouthVivienne Gray 082 654 5949
Access Bars, Energetic facelift, Colour readings
Webber, GermistonChristine Boyle084 749 0015Antaneea Therapist, Access Bars
Pretoria - Lynnwood
Chrisna Williamson072 907 5448Antaneea Therapist, Access Bars
Pretoria East - traveling therapist - will come to youChristina Huntly072 294 1212
Access Bars & Body processes,
Energetic facelift
Pretoria - Centurion area
Traveling therapist will come to you
Annie Pienaar071 435 7407 Therapist, Colour massage, Access Bars & body processes
Energetic facelift
Pretoria - Ashlea GardensCarla Senekal082 891 3920
Access Bars, Body processes and Energetic face lift
Maggie Morrico082 825 9358
Antaneea Therapist, Access Bars, Colour readings
Laudium, PretoriaFazila Noor074 846 0153
Access Bars & Body Processes
Cape Town - Durbanville NorthMarise Viviers072 435 1059
Antaneea Therapist
East LondonMariette Farrell
071 898 3227
Antaneea Therapist
The Craggs near Plettenberg BayMaggie Brauteseth082 445 7496
Antaneea Therapist
Jacobsbay, Western CapeConnie Lesch 083 324 5497 Antaneea Therapist
NelspruitDebbie Graaf083 298-7180
Antaneea Therapist & teacher. Colour Readings. Bars & Body processes, energy facelift
NelspruitGolda Deeks
082 572 2478
Antaneea Therapist & Access Bars
White RiverZelda Theron082 808 9477Access Bars
DulstroomSandi Amiradaki079 065 8742Antaneea Therapist, Access Bars
BalitoGaelene Risk082 825 9845Antaneea Therapist & Colour Readings
Port ShepstoneHeather Green083 627-0529Antaneea Therapist & Colour Readings
Harare, ZimbabweViv Chapman0026 377 230 0901
Access Bars
Maputo Denize Sultane+25 884 779 1788
Antaneea Massage Therapist
Leopards Hill, LusakaJerne Golson+26 097 779 7080
Access Bars therapist
WellingtonJansie Bond00642 1076 8694Antaneea Therapist
Magic of Colour consultations and courses
Muscat Laura Lowndes44 (0)751 835 2802
Antaneea Therapist & colour/angel readings
UK Julie
Antaneea therapist & teacher. Colour Readings. Energy facelift, Bars & Body processes
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Exeter & TotnesTania Wallis078 877 40931 transformation.tek@gmail.comAntaneea therapist & Aura Transformation
Banchory, Aberdeenshire, ScotlandMorag Leiper077 2700 0608
Antaneea therapist & teacher, Colour readings
Kendal, CumbriaMarina Barrett015 3973 2328
Antaneea Therapist
SkelsmereHanka Therapist
Sidney AustraliaMarietjie Olivier61 424 160 401
Antaneea Therapist