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I have been making the Oils of Transformation since 2001 and they have been the foundation for the courses that I have developed and worked with since then.  These jewel-like colours have been truly supportive for people who have been stuck in their trauma and dramas, where they keep repeating the same stories and lessons over and over again, struggling to shift out of that dynamic.

4 years ago I was guided to create the Light Matrix oils.  These oils do not contain colour, but rather they reflect the colour, and are 100% natural. They are made in exactly the same way as the coloured oils, with the same 7 – 9 essential oils, same sound vibrations, pyramid and crystal grids.  And yet strangely enough they smell and feel different.  Since their inception, I kept the deeper colours going, because they were the most popular.

I have been nudged for some time now to drop the Oils of Transformation from my range, and have been ignoring the messages.  Last week I was given a definite push in that direction, so the time has come to let go.

The catalyst for this decision is that the colours have been changing, mutating and even separating.  I have tried everything possible to keep them stable, but no…. not happening.  So… after 16 years it is time to let them go.  I stepped into my therapy room, spoke to them, acknowledged and thanked them for the support they have been and took them off the display stand and out of the room….

Instantly the energy in the room lightened up, and what I realised, is that they had been hiding and overshadowing the Light Matrix Oils, so the light was not seen, acknowledged or invited.

So what if it is time to change this completely?

Using the Light Matrix range helps you to see the gift in your story, find the positive in each lesson and above all step out of the shadow and into the light. They still support you with the colour resonance you have chosen, but instead of holding onto your issues, they will help to reflect and release them.   I have been working with this range myself since their inception and absolutely love them.


I still have stock of the Oils of Transformation, and they will be offered at a reduced price, while stocks last.  Please accept that the colours may change, but that they still hold the same energy and essence.

If you are one of those people who love the coloured oils and are loath to change, please see the gift in this.  It is time to let go of all the baggage you have been carrying for so long….  Time to shine and time to grow.  Know that as we collectively take a stand to anchoring light not only in ourselves, our environment and our family, we have the opportunity of making a difference on the planet.

I look forward to supporting you in this new way, and hope and trust you are with me on this.

Colourful Blessings


PS:  Since making this decision, I am so grateful for the many amazing confirmations I have received from some of the people who work on this colour journey with me, and I would love to share some of them with you:

Thank you Penni, 

I was blown away with your explanation about discontinuing the transformation oils. Although I love them dearly, I get the logic behind it all. As you move forward and lead us too, I wish you an abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

The love, humility and healing in your products are amazing and say much for the person that you are and the light work that you do.I have used many different products in my healing work, but none of them felt so calming, nurturing and uplifting as yours.

Thank you my dear earth angel, may your business flourish and grow from strength to strength.


You have NO idea what that email meant for me!!!!  It was the BEST news ever.

I had just received guidance from my guides to stop working in the heavier energies and work on Ascension instead of Transformation…  I made the decision and a few hours later your email came through – I actually started crying….  I also noticed that the Sprays I’d been using were Gold and Clear.

The words from your mail that popped out for me were: Anchor Light  and  Time to shine and time to grow.  So I will be moving over to the Light Matrix Oils now too. I’m still stunned!!!


Well done my darling friend!   The time has come …………………. I personally want to thank you for the wonderful oils.   For the love that you have put into making each and every one.  For the comfort that they have given, not only to me but to my entire family including my furbabies!.    My love from my heart to your heart!


Thanks for the info.  I must say, I do feel for you.  It’s like letting for of your baby really for they are how it all started.  Well done to you though for working through it.

I have been using only Light Matrix for quite some time now and the most common remark after a treatment is  “I feel so much lighter somehow.  How can that be?”.  I love working with them.  I do have a few of the other oils left but use them very rarely.  In fact, I think I shall use them up as bath oils. Enjoy your onward journey and I look forward to hearing of your progress.