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Colour therapy healing addresses the emotional issues that create our physical imbalances. Rub on the body or use as a bath oil twice daily, every day until the condition eases or rectifies. The longer you have had the condition, the more time it may take to alleviate.

Use the suggested oil or spray in conjunction with your allopathic or homeopathic remedy, so that the cause is addressed while you are dealing with the physical support. If you catch it  early enough, then the oil will ease the symptoms before you need to see a doctor.

The Oils come in 2 different ranges:

Oil of Transformation
range is used if you are really stuck in the situation, and if working in this way is new for you. If you find yourself constantly creating drama in your life, and find it difficult to move into a peaceful and content state of mind, then use these oils.

Light Matrix Oils
This range will be used if you have done lots of spiritual work on yourself and have understood and released many of the emotional layers, and are ready to move beyond the drama and trauma in your life.

Once you have identified the colour that could support you, please check out more information on that colour by clicking on the related colour petal on the homepage of the website: – This will give you a lot more information on how you have created that imbalance as well as how the Oil could ease the situation.

Abused Orange oil – seals the aura Blue oil – gives strength & support Honour yourself & establish boundaries in all things.  Make time to do create things that you love
Abusive Pink oil or Pink Angel Spray Love and nurture yourself and others.  Calms aggression.
Aches & pains Blue oil – eases inflammation Let go of the past, love yourself & go with the flow
Acne Yellow oil or yellow Angel of Enlightenment spray Need to cut down on stress. Love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Addictions Gold oil Accepting and enjoying life as it is. Live in the present
Aggression Angelic wings of love spray Find positive ways of letting of steam. Look for things that you can be grateful for in every moment
AIDS Green oil Learn to love and accept the space you are in
Allergies Green oil Avoid people and situations that annoy you
Alzheimer’s Violet oil Take back your power and love life
Anemia Red oil Discover the passion for life again
Anger Red oil – releases pent up anger.  Pink Angel spray – calms aggression Write anger letters or punch a pillow. Focus on gratitude
Ankles Red oil Trust that you are supported
Anorexia Yellow oil Learn self love and acceptance
Anxiety Yellow oil Make time for fun in your life, avoid stressful situations
Apathy Red oil Find your passion and go for it
Arms Green oil Use your creativity productively
Arthritis Blue oil – reduces inflammation Let go of criticism and resentment
Asthma Green and Yellow oils(use them together over the entire chest area – front and back) Learn to enjoy life and all it offers. These oils will ease the fear and open the lungs
Athlete’s foot Blue oil Move forward with confidence
Back Blue oil Know that that you deserve support, and are supported
lower back Orange oil Believe you are financially abundant
middle back Yellow oil Let go of the past, restores confidence
upper back Green oil Accept emotional support and let go
Bedwetting Orange oil Love and acceptance – no fear
Bites – insect or mosquito Blue oil Let go of victim consciousness
Bladder Yellow or gold oils Who is peeing you off? Let go of resentment
Blisters Blue oil Know that you are protected
Blood pressure low Red oil Self acceptance (rejected in childhood)
Blood pressure – high Blue or green oil Let go of unresolved emotional pain and aggression
Boils Blue oil – draws them to the surface quickly Do constructive anger release work
Bowel problems Orange oil Stop holding onto the past – LET GO
Brain Violet oil Balance male and female aspects. Go for a Bars session
Breasts Green oil and / or pink oil How were you nurtured as a child? Time to nurture and love yourself.
Breathing Green oil Enjoy the breath of life. Do you want to be here?
Bronchitis Green oil Speak your truth calmly. Do you have the space to voice your needs? Do you feel supported?
Bruises Blue oil Stop being so hard on yourself. Be kind and gently with yourself
Burns cool first then apply Blue oil What is burning you up? Do you feel attacked? Let go
Cancer Relate to chakra colour What is eating you up inside? Deep hurt, and stored anger or resentment needs to be released.
Candida Orange oil Do you resist intimacy and feel that you have to protect yourself? Believe that you deserve to be loved
Cellulite Pink oil – Let go of the life knocks you have endured. For self love & acceptance
Circulation Red oil Find your passion and release anger
Claustrophobia Green oil Have you felt suppressed in life? Need space and freedom.
Co-dependant Orange oil Focus on anything creative
Cold sores Blue oil What is eating at you – voice it
Colds Blue (throat) and green oils (chest) Detox with grace – take time out
Colic Yellow oil Child takes on the parent’s stress
Coma Red oil Not wanting to face life.  Restores life force
Confusion Yellow oil Stop focusing on it – find your joy
Constipation Orange oil What are you not letting go of
Coughs Green oil Need to speak up and be heard
Courage Orange oil Know that you deserve the best
Cramps Blue oil Fear – what are you holding onto?
Croup Green oil Need space and to be heard
Crying Coral oil Tears are cleansing and healing
Cuts Blue oil Do you feel you need to be punished? Are you punishing yourself?
Cyst Blue oil Stop holding onto past hurts
Cystitis Gold oil Who is irritating you in life?
Depression Violet oil Spend time doing things that brings joy, or with happy people. Stop dwelling on the past
Diabetes Yellow oil Restore the sweetness in your life
Diarrhea Orange oil Need to purge and let go of fear
Dying/transition Blue and violet oils Brings peace and supports grief
Dyslexia Yellow oil Use yellow paper to write on
Ears Indigo oil Opening up to your inner voice
Eczema Yellow oil Mental and emotional rejection of self. Learn to love and accept yourself fully.
Emotional Use blue oil and Pink Angel Spray Blue gives strength and support while the pink spray wraps you in love
Emphysema Green and yellow oils Know you deserve life
Endometriosis Coral oil Let go of blame and self rejection
Epilepsy Violet and red oils Learn to be happy to be in your body
Eyes Indigo oil Everything you see is supportive
Fat Pink and red oils Stop rejecting yourself and love every cell of your body
Fatigue Red oil Do something that excites you
Fearful Yellow oil Stop obsessing – have fun
Feet Red oil Trust that your path will be guided
Fever Blue oil Look at what is burning you up inside
Fever blisters Blue oil What is eating at you – voice it
Flu Blue and green oils Time to detox – take time out and rest
Fluid retention Pearl or turquoise oils Need to let go of suppressed emotions
Fractures Blue oil Look at where you are not supported
Frigidity Red oil Stop mentally withdrawing
Frustration Pink oil Learn to be more patient
Glands Blue oil Be more creative. What are you holding on to?
Gout Blue oil Let go of resentments
Grief Violet oil Find the passion in life again. Do you feel you are losing yourself? This is a time of transformation.
Growths Blue oil Learn to forgive and let go
Hay fever Indigo oil Release all that emotional congestion
Headaches Blue, indigo or violet oils Stop criticizing yourself and others
Heart-ache Green oil Let go and forgive yourself and others
Heart ailments Green oil Believe that you deserve love
Heartburn Blue oil Fear is coming up to be released
Hemorrhoids Blue oil Anger needs to be released
Hepatitis Green oil Learn to enjoy every moment of life
Herpes Indigo oil Stop rejecting yourself & allow divine guidance
Hips Orange oil Ask for and allow support from others
Hyperactivity Blue oil Frantic – Slow down and be calm
Hyperventilation Green oil Stop resisting change
Impotence Red oil Don’t feel pressurized to perform
Incontinence Orange oil Stop trying to control your emotions, they need to be released.
Indigestion Yellow oil Let go of fear and anxiety. Believe that life is there for you to enjoy
Infection Blue oil Who or what is irritating you and what is eating at you? Focus on the positive rather than negative.
Inflammation Blue oil Calm your thinking. Let go of anger
Influenza Blue and green oils Time to detox – your body is telling you to take time out and rest
Injuries Blue oil Stop feeling like a victim in life. Believe you are divinely protected at all times
Insomnia Blue oil Stop worrying, and constantly analyzing everything over and over. Visualise blue washing through your mind and body
Intestines Yellow oil Assimilation of life. Don’t hold on to past hurts and pain – let go
Intuition – blocked Indigo oil Trust yourself and your inner guidance
Joints Blue oil Stop resisting change and movement. Learn to flow with life
Kidneys Gold oil Let go of disappointments and emotions
Knees Red and blue oils Time to heal the heart & be flexible
Liver complaints Gold oil Need to release anger
Lungs Green oil Enjoy life
Menopause Orange oil Love your body and flow with changes
Menstrual pain Blue oil Stop rejecting yourself
Migraines Blue, indigo, violet or magenta oils Feeling pressured and stressed. Pushing yourself too much
Miscarriage Coral oil Trust the soul only needed a short time to complete it’s journey. You chose to do this together – love yourself
Multiple sclerosis Blue oil Are you resistant and inflexible? Go with the flow
Muscles Blue oil Move easily through life and accept change
Nausea Yellow oil What is bringing up fear for you?
Neck Blue oil Flexibility and ability to see all sides
Nerves Yellow oil Notice how you respond to thoughts and feelings – communication. Are you too sensitive?
Nervousness Yellow or gold oils Your are too stressed take time out
Operations Orange (down left side of body) and Blue oil near cut Seal and repair your aura with orange oil down left side of body. Speed up the healing process with blue oil
Osteoporosis Blue oil Find more external support in life
Ovaries Pink, coral or orange oils Be more in the creative flow. Nurture and nourish yourself.
Overweight Pink or Coral oils – for self love Yellow Oil for restoring your power & building confidence Stop suppressing your feelings. Dont buy into what you hear or read (new fad diets etc – they just confuse the body). Ask your body what it
needs. Love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Overworked Yellow oil Time for fun and enjoyment in life. Find balance
Pain Blue oil Are you punishing yourself or is your body trying to make you more aware of something that needs attention?
Pancreas Gold oil Find the sweetness in life
Parkinson’s disease Blue oil Stop trying to control everyone/thing
Phobias Gold oil / spray Try not to obsess about it
Pneumonia Green and yellow oils Your body is forcing you to rest – do it. You need time out
Post nasal drip Indigo oil Do you feel like a victim? – inner crying
Poverty/Lack Red oil or Earth Angel spray Ignites your passion and drive while clearing blocks. Stop getting hooked into what society says – believe you deserve and already have abundance.
PMS Blue oil take back your power
Procrastination Gold oil Stop putting things off – do it NOW
Prostate Red oil Take charge of your life
Protection Angel of Illumination spray or gold Angel of Ascension Spray Invites pure light into your space, and clears lower vibration or negativity. Invite the angelic support. Gold spray invites Christ’s
protection – great for entity clearing.
Pregnancy – support during Blue and pink oils Blue on sides of tummy – brings male support. Pink in centre – brings loving feminine balance. Use blue during labour to ease contractions
Pregnancy – difficulty falling pregnant Coral oil Love and nurture yourself so you can do the same for another being
Rash Yellow oil Stop rejecting yourself. Stress related
Rejection Green and pink oil Believe that you deserve to be loved
Resentful Pink oil Focus on self love and gratitude for what you do have
Respiratory Green oil Enjoy the breath of life
Rheumatoid arthritis Blue oil Suppressed by authority? Move on. Accept the space you have chosen
Scaring Coral or Gold oil Love yourself while applying the oil
Sciatica Red and blue oils Stop fearing the future
Shingles Coral and blue oils Learn to flow easily with life
Shock and/or trauma Orange oil Repair aura by using orange oil down left and side of body or in the bath
Sinus Indigo oil Be aware of who is irritating you
Skin problems Yellow oil Are you too sensitive or stressed?
Skin – spray on face in the morning, before moisturising
Skin – oil on face at night – use instead of night cream
Angel of Enlightenment spray on face after cleansing.Coral or Gold oils Wraps you in joy and builds confidence for the day 

Nurture and love yourself – skin will glow

Solar plexus Yellow oil Builds your self confidence and power
Sore throat Blue oil Stop being a non confrontist – helps you to speak your truth quietly & calmly
Space clearing Angel of illumination spray plus Earth angel spray Brings the light in very quickly – dispelling negativity Protection and clearing
Spastic colon Orange oil Are you feeling fearful and insecure?
Speaking up Blue oil Helps you to express yourself calmly
Spine (See back) or Blue oil Links to your support in life
Spiritual disconnection Magenta oil or Gateway to the Divine – magenta spray Opens your soul connection to the Divine
Spleen Gold oil Stop obsessing
Sprains Blue oil Are you resisting new direction?
Stiff neck Blue oil Be aware of your resistance and inflexibility about something.
Stiffness Blue oil Learn to be more flexible in life
Stomach Yellow oil Assimilate new ideas
Stretch marks Coral and Gold oil Love yourself and release scars of life
Stress Yellow oil Take time out and have fun
Stuttering Blue oil Build confidence to speak your truth
Sty Blue oil Deal with what is angering you or festering inside
Surgery Orange and blue oils Seal and repair your aura with orange oil down left side of body. Speed up the healing process with blue oil
Suicidal Violet oil Focus on what brings you joy. Spend time with happy people or watching comedy movies
Swelling Blue oil Where are you stuck in life?
Technophobia Turquoise oil Need to release emotional blockages
Time management Magenta oil You have the ability to stretch and manage time
Throat Blue oil Need to calmly speak your truth
Thrush Orange oil Trust yourself and your decisions
Thymus Turquoise oils Feel protected and secure, opens the higher heart
Thyroid Blue oil Make time for yourself – self expression
Tinnitus Indigo oil Need to listen to your inner voice
Tonsillitis Blue oil Stop suppressing emotions and voice
Tumors Relate to chakra colour plus blue oil Let go of resentments that are growing inside of you
Ulcers Yellow oil Stop stressing and make time for fun
Unemotional/distant Turquoise oil Have the courage to explore & release past hurts and emotional trauma. Let go of the past so you can truly feel again.
Unconditional love Pink oil or Angelic wings of Love spray Love yourself exactly as you are and you will attract love from others
Urinary infection Yellow or gold oil Let go of irritation and anger
Varicose veins Red or blue oil Red in the morning to boost energy and release anger. Blue in the evening to ease the legs
Venereal disease Red oil It is safe to experience sensual pleasure.
Victim consciousness Coral oil Learn to put yourself first rather than last in line. Honour and love yourself
Vomiting Yellow oil Change what you can’t stomach in your life
Water retention Turquoise or pearl oils It is safe to feel and release the bottled emotions
Warts Blue oil Calmly release bottles anger and resentment
Wisdom teeth removed Blue oil on jaw line – reduces swelling Allow yourself space to think and grow
Womb problems Coral oil Nurture and love yourself
Wounds Blue oil Assists and speeds up the healing process
Worry Yellow or blue oils Yellow teaches you to have more fun Blue clams the analytical mind
Wrists Green or blue oils Move through life with ease and creativity