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My Dearest Penni

My journey with you has been a long one!  I cannot recall how long ago it was that I did the Magic of Colour Course with you but I can say emphatically, that it has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life and I know that it will continue long into the future.

I have made use of your beautiful teachings of colour over many years.   As a result I have been able to assist other people who have also gained from the knowledge that has been passed onto me as well as from the use of your gentle healing oils and sprays.

Recently, I had major surgery to both my body and my face.    I was bruised and very sore.    I used the blue and pink oils on my body and the magenta oil on my face.   The healing process was remarkable!    My surgeon was very interested to learn of what I had used to facilitate the healing process so I am now working on him to attend one of your courses! read more



This workshop introduces you to 56 symbols that open the communication directly with your soul.    These ‘keys’ or ‘codes’ are an awakened Language of Light – they are light filled sacred geometric shapes, which are a way of receiving information and energy to accelerate the Ascension Process.  When drawing them on the body they act as keys, helping to unlock the door to unlimited possibilities.  This day introduces you to many different ways you can use them – on your body, in your home or to make your own energy medicine.

19th August 2017

Times:  9.30 – 5.00


This is a brand new series of teachings that explores colour in a whole new way.  We will immerse ourselves in one colour a month – working through the dimensions of each, from the heaviness of the 3rd-dimensional aspect of the colour, through the 5th-dimensional Light Matrix energy and finally allowing the Angelic support of the Angels of Illumination.  This workshop helps you to truly understand colour and its potential and will be an experiential journey where you feel it and integrate it on many different levels.

30th September – Green and Turquoise

What is your heart calling you to do with your life and have you compromised yourself for others over time?  During this day we will address and clear all betrayals and heartache in your history, so you can be true to yourself and others.  You can only truly open your heart to something new, if you have forgiven and let go of the past.  This day will give you the opportunity to do exactly that, using the coloured oils, processes and lots of sharing, nurturing support and laughter.
Blue & Indigo       – Time to step out of hiding and voice your truth – Date to be confirmed
Violet & Magenta – Time of transformation with higher guidance    – Date to be confirmed
Pink & Coral – This will be a day of self-love, acceptance and nurturing – TBA

Times:   Saturdays 9.30 – 5.00

ACCESS YOUR BODY – Individual Body Process

Access body processes support any healing modality. Each one is a half day training. I recommend attending Bars training first. Join them all or choose which interest you, each one is a stand-alone process:

Eliminating Patterns of Disharmony

Do you find that things keep going pear shaped in your life?  Perhaps you are carrying memories of disruption and trauma in your cells, that are being replayed in your life or in your body.

This could affect what you are attracting or even the pain or illness that keep recurring.  What if your body could feel so much easier after this simple process?

Would you like to come and play with us for a morning, where you will earn how to use it?  Having first done the Access Bars training would be supportive.

Date:  21st October

Times:   Monday 9.30 – 1.30



Did you know that gently cradling somebodies head while activating specific points on the skull, is able to defrag your brain, leaving you relaxed, refreshed, renewed and more creative. Anyone of any age can attend this 1½ day training. The teachings are truly life-changing and it gives you a new perspective on how to manage your life.  This workshop gives you the tools to become an Access Bars therapist.

28 & 29th October

Times:  Day 1: 9.30 – 5.00  +  Day 2:  9.30 – 1.30




Please join us on this amazing colour therapy workshop. It teaches you how to do a nine bottle colour reading, where each bottle relates to a different aspect of your life. It lays the foundation, knowledge and wisdom of colour. Learn how your colour choices bring insight and increases your understanding of self and others.
Your choices offer insight into your gifts, talents and hidden potential.  Using the divine oils and Angel Sprays helps you to navigate and overcome the barriers on your path to fulfilment.  The process brings enlightenment and supports you in all facets of your life while giving you the tools to more effectively manage your responses in any situation, as you begin the process of self-healing and reclaiming your power.

2018 dates to be advised

Times:   9.30 – 5.00

Antaneea Technique

Penni’s signature therapy which combines divinely inspired coloured oils, sound vibrations and geometry to weave a cocoon of loving support around the body. This treatment includes gentle massage and is like receiving a loving hug that lasts for days. Truly transformational. Attend this 4 day training if you want deep personal healing, or if you would like to offer this therapy to your clients.

February 2018 – dates to be confirmed

Times : 9.00am – 6.00pm


This facial is a wonderful LIGHT rejuvenation for the face which softens and reverses the appearance of aging. The technique can create similar effects throughout the body. This is like cosmic Botox without any needles and pain, but joy and ease for the body, and is so yummy…. Come and let your body be pampered, nurtured and cared for like it’s never been done before. What else is possible?

2018 dates TBA

Times:  9.30 – 5.30