What colours do you need today?

Look at the colour wheel. Which colour pops out for you ? Click on the petal and find out how it can support you today.

The first step is look at the different colours and see which you are attracted to (Scroll down for colour selections).

You would be drawn to them for one of 2 reasons – either because this is your gift and personality type – no need to use it.  If you are drawn to the colour because you are struggling with the issues it relates to (challenges) – this would be your remedy.

Using the colour as either a bath or body oil, will begin the process of uncovering the deep emotions that have not been addressed, and through this balance is restored in the body.

Which item to choose?

There is an extensive range of products that will help you attain this balance, with options within each colour section or path.  This is because we are all individuals and each one of us will need a different level of integration or support.  Step one is to click on a colour that attracts you – then…  either do the left brain thing – reading and analysing each item to find which suits your needs best.

Or try to see what happens if you look at the images of the different bottles, and see which makes you tingle or gives you a YES feeling in your tummy, heart or third eye.  It is always interesting to see what comes up when we get our heads out of the way and allow us to be guided by our intuition.

Green Path Turquoise Path blue Path Violet Path Magenta Path Red Path Colour Healing Coral Path Orange Path Gold Path
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